Nine Things I Will Tell My Younger Self If I Had a Chance


Nine Things I Will Tell My Younger Self, If I Had a Chance

Growing, up can be a challenge, at least for me it was. I would always maintain that my most challenging years were my teens and early twenties. There were so many issues I had to sort out such as finding my identity, my voice, my values, goals, and who I really wanted to become. I was impatient to get started. I was always dreaming about a better life and imagining myself in a different place so where far away.

Looking back, I realized that most of my challenges stemmed from my anxiety about my life and wanting to know what was out there for me. If I  had one chance to go back, I would soothe my younger self and give her the following advice so that she would not worry as much as she did.

Me to My Younger Self:

  1. You are Beautiful, Flaws and All
my younger self
my younger self, about 20 years old

I lived my entire childhood and teen years dwelling on my flaws. I was told my nose was too flat and for this reason I became self-conscious when anyone looked at my nose. And, don’t talk about my rear end, although I loved pants, I was always self-conscious because that too was very flat. The only thing that was not flat was my forehead, which was too high. I cannot recall anyone mentioning my inner qualities, so I grew up thinking that beauty was all about how one looked physically.


2. You Do Not Need Material Things To Be Worthy;

In fact, material things do not define your self-worth. Your self-worth has more to do with your emotional feelings about yourself and how you view yourself. Love your self and give your self the praise that you would love to hear from others. Do not let the opinions of others define who you are.



3. Put More Emphasis in People Than in Material Things;

. You can spend a lifetime slaving for material things and lose it all in a single day. Material things are there to make people comfortable and not for people to worship. Outside of making us comfortable, material things have no real value.


4. Your Current Situation is Not Your Final Destination;

Things may look dismal, at this moment in your life, but your future is brighter than you can ever imagine. I know from where you are it is hard for you to believe me, but you will have all the things you have always wanted. You will have great children, a few real friends, travel, opportunity to help others, speak your mind, attend university, have a career among other things.


5. You Do Not Need to Be in a Relationship to Be Happy;

Slow down, get to know people, become good friends, go on real dates and have fun. The best relationships that you can ever have are those that you take the time to form. You do not need to rush into intimate relationships, easy comes, easy goes. And, one day when you least expect it, you will finally give up your bachellorete status and marry some lucky dude!



6. Do Not Confuse Sexual Intercourse With Love and Vice Versa;

Someone can have sex with you and not love you. In fact, they can tell you they love you and not mean a word, if that is the only means of getting you into a sexual relationship. In this lifetime, you will have many instances of infatuation, and you will swear that you have found the one, only to realize that in this life there are many “the ones” out there!

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7. Life is About Memories, Make Sure to Write Them Down;

Keep a diary of your thoughts, actions and feelings, because someday you are going to need them to write your biography. You will think you can remember everything, but your life will be so full that you would forget simple things such as forgetting to put on underwear or putting it on inside out.


8. Do Not Run From Your Challenges;

All of the challenges you are going through is only to refine you. Get over it, and stop complaining! You will always meet challenges in your life, but each challenge you overcome is setting you up for something even greater in your life. You will use your experiences as a focal point for helping others along life’s path.



9. Whatever You Do, Keep Reading;

Your love for reading is what will propel you forward through life. Hey, younger self, they think you are weird for reading all the time, but pay them no mind. Whatever you do, continue reading as this will help you build your writing skills and help you generate new ideas that can lead to your success.


10. Keep Your Faith and Nurture Your Spiritual Life;

Do not make your situations, good or bad, decide your faith and your belief in The Almighty God. In order to live a fulfilling life, you also need to take care of your spiritual life. Your belief in the Almighty will be the place where you find solace when everyone else abandon you.


Now that you have read my list of things I would say to my younger self, what are some of the things you will say to yours? If  you are a younger person in your teens or early twenties, the reason why I share this with you is to inspire you and to let you know that life is amazing once you learn to live it and stop worrying about what the future holds for you!

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