Buccament Bay Resort, I will rise

A Poem of Hope: I will rise

I pen this poem of hope:I will rise

Though, life struggles may get me down

And the burden and strife

 May bend me to the ground


I will rise, if only but slowly

From the pain of life blows

Dealt on my mind and my body

Life wounds I bear, but only God Knows


I will rise, even when my body seems 

Not to obey what my spirit is saying

The self-defeating thoughts that creep

In, the tricks my fickle mind is playing


I will rise, from the depths of my misery

Despite the struggles, I will overcome

How I do it amazes even me

For, it is not I who is responsible for my victory


I will rise, because I refuse to be

A victim of circumstances or society

I will rise because I, with the strength of the

 Almighty, have been rescued from what I should not be

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