Hello Beautiful September


People born in September are like no other

Once you’ve met a Virgo, you’ll always remember

The sweetest and kindest people you’ll ever find

They’ll take over your soul and make love to your mind

With a charming personality and a genuine smile

A Virgo will leave you amazed and beguiled

They’d treat you with respect and be loyal

They don’t love by halves; they give their all

Don’t be deceived by Virgo's demure appearance

They prefer to left somethings to the imagination

Vulgarity and boastfulness is not in their character

They are humble and view life simpler

When you are in trouble look no further

If you have a friend born in September

You will never have to ask twice

In a second they’d be by your side


Whatever you do just be genuine

For, the people who are Born in

September, do not like people who fake it

If you are anything but real, forget friendship


 So come all who were born in September

Let us make this a month to remember

Have a Happy Birthday,2016 will never return

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun


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