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How to Have an Awesome Trip After You’ve Been Sidelined


A beautiful sunny day in Cleveland Ohio
Launging on a beautiful sunny day despite being sidelined on this trip

How to Have an Awesome Trip After You’ve Been Sidelined

Dumped, neglected, or sidelined while on a trip? Don’t worry! You can still have an enjoyable trip, just keep reading…

Well, this is my story, but I am going to tell it as if it is yours. Ha! I definitely do not plan to have this adventure alone. Welcome to my trip to Ohio!


Imagine Yourself in on This Trip

So you are invited on a trip with the man you love. You get all excited, and envision yourself having something of a honeymoon, even though you two are not married. You think of all the fun things you two would do. Everything is perfect! What could possibly go wrong? Firstly, if you did not discuss your expectations for each other prior the trip, you can find yourself very disappointed. Secondly, be aware that if it is a club or group outing and your partner is head of the team, things can go sour.

Well, perhaps, your situation may not be quite like this; nevertheless, the following tips will help those who find themselves in a strange part of the world, far away from home, in a beautiful condo, hotel room, or apartment…all by themselves because your partner finds himself in a dilemma after dilemma with his club…and no time to spend with you.

What’s Going on in That Mind of Yours?

Even as I am writing this blog, I cannot help but smile mischievously as I recall how I turned the tables and ended up having more fun than I ever imagined, while Mr. handsome solved his club issues.


The first two days were great. Almost every day following that I found myself left alone. Well, I guess you may be thinking to yourself, what is wrong with that? You may even be saying, you are not a child. But, before you run ahead of me, just remember I was thousands of miles away from home and did not know anyone.


So, what did I do? I cried my eyes out, called one of my sisters back home and lamented bitterly. Then, after crying I decided I might as well make the most of my two weeks. Armed with determination, a debit card with good a supply of cash, and a beautiful head of curls, my vacation officially began.


Without much ado and to relieve you of your suspense, here are five things you can do to enjoy yourself when you are left all alone, thousands of miles away, while your significant other was busy with other issues. These suggestions can also help those who have the misfortune of breaking up with their partner while on a trip outside of your country.


Find a Way to Relieve the Stress You Are Feeling

Take some time alone to cry, rant and rave about how disappointed you are feeling, if you want to. Call someone back home and inform them of your situation and to get some support. If you have never experienced a situation like this before, I am telling you it can be very daunting by yourself in a faraway place.

After you have cried yourself dry. Strengthen your resolve, smile sweetly then make a plan. You know how women get when they feel mistreated. We love sweet revenge. Oh sweet revenge. We get so pumped up that we’ll do everything in our power to prove that we will do whatever we set out to do, even if it killed us.


Make Friends With Others, If Possible

Try your best to make friends. Trust your instincts. If you are in a hotel, condo or inn, there will be lots of people around. The place where I stayed had a pool, so it was easy to meet people and make friends. It so happened that I befriended an elderly couple. The lady, an energetic woman around 80 years old, but looked like she was in her 60s, took me in like her daughter. She worked at a local charity organization. Every other day, she took me with her and I made more friends with some of the ladies who worked at the Charity. By now my mischievous smile had turned in to a grin.

There is nothing like some good old peek-a-boo while on a trip to the gardens

Explore Your Surroundings

For goodness sake, lighten up, sister! You are on trip and do not forget that for one moment! Go ahead and have a little adventure! Explore the surroundings; the place where I stayed was surrounded by a lake with a beautiful view.

There were also shops, restaurants, and an ATM in walking distance. So, I took the time to walk around the town. If you’ve got a pool and the weather is great, take a swim then recline on one of those lovely pool chairs!

Go on a Shopping Spree!

you say shopping, I say where! Oh how I love shopping when I have money. Yet another reason for having an emergency fund. I know some financial planners will argue that an emergency fund is not for shopping. And, rightly so. But, try telling me that under these grave circumstances…just going to fall on deft ears.

I made friends with one of the local taxi drivers, who took me to a huge shopping mall with the promise to come back for me when I was ready. I made sure I had money on my phone, some raw cash in my pocket and my debit card. I shopped from mid-morning until late evening. I even purchased a suit case for all the stuff I bought; gifts for my children and a few friends along with some personal items.


Cook Your Own Meal

I know what some of you may be thinking as you are reading this, but as boring as this might sound, cooking your own meals while on vacation can be fun.  Cooking while on vacation takes time and helps take your mind off things. This is even more exciting when you have a great kitchen and a great view while doing the task. You get to choose what you eat and you even get to prepare it! If you are a freak for healthy eating like me, cooking at home will keep you stress-free…You never have to worry about what kind of oil they used to fry the chicken or what kind of meat you are eating! Besides, after spending money on shopping, you might want to cut back on eating out.


Watch Your Favorite Television Series

Yeah, I know, watching TV while on vacation can be boring. But, if you get tired of shopping and exploring you will need to unwind with a good old movie. Preferably crime. Although I love law and order, I found criminal minds more intriguing. So, on the days when they showed criminal minds, I armed myself with enough food and curled up in bed and watched Shemar Moore and his colleagues do their thing. By the end of my two weeks I had fallen in love with Shemar and out of love with Mr. handsome.

At the end of the trip, despite all the drama; we really had a great time traveling back home. All the misery was forgotten and we had out laughs about it all. The only sad things were leaving my new friends and Shemar behind.

The lesson I wish to get from this is that no matter how things started out, there is always the chance that you can end up in a situation like this. Remember to always stay positive and act responsibly. Even though someone let you down, it does not mean that you have to let down yourself. Look at the positive side of things and always have a backup plan just in case. For more stories on what can possibly go wrong on a vacation visit this link.

Have you ever encountered a situation like this before? If so, I’ll definitely love to hear about it. Please take the time to comment below.


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