The Unfolding Of Dawn in St. Vincent & the Grenadines




It’s a pleasure to watch nature unfold at dawn

And witness the beginning of a new morn

The sun rising in all its glory

As humming birds visit the hibiscus tree



The quiet of the day so still

The orange butterfly on my window sill

Oh’ what beauty is there to see

As cocks and hens alight the tree


The mountains no longer threatening

The darkness fades the sun shines in

A blend of colors, the flowers bloom

My neighbor swept by with her bamboo broom


The little children slowly come to

The excitement in their voices to behold the new

Day, as it unravels its promises

Of fun, laughter, hugs,and kisses



As I take in the scene before me

I think to myself, there is truly

A God above who gave us such beauty

The unfolding of dawn, in scenic S.V.G




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