Life’s Beauty Lies in its Unpredictability


Despite life’s unpredictability, the flower still keeps on blooming

The beauty about life is that you never know

What’s going to happen next, as you go?

So, learn to take one step at a time

Through the bad and good days, try to smile


Today you may feel as if you are adrift

That nothing you do seems to fit

Wait, don’t give up just yet

Tomorrow’s going to be great, I bet


Each time you feel as if you’ve had a breakthrough

Life’s unpredictability makes you

Realize that tomorrow is not defined

And may never go as you’ve outlined


But, please consider this phenomenon

What fun will there be if we knew what’s going to happen

Wouldn’t you lose interest in the world around you?

If only, if only you and I really knew?


Imagine yesterday you were hopeless

But, today you awoke and realized you’ve been blessed

That dream of yours has suddenly come to being

The clouds had suddenly moved to expose your silver lining


So, embrace each day as it unfolds

For the fact that you do not know what tomorrow holds

Is one of the reasons why we continually

Arise each day to face life in all its unpredictability


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