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Three Essentials For Living and Aging Gracefully

Three Essential Practices For Living and Aging Gracefully

There are many essentials to living and aging gracefully.  As you go about your life, think about the things that can help you enjoy life while facing challenging situations. Although life is challenging, your response to life’s challenges does not have to be negative. This blog by no means cover all of those essentials; however, there are three things I would like you to look consider doing habitually. These include;

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Focusing On The Spiritual Aspect of Your life

Peace helps us with living and aging gracefilly

I believe that a healthy spiritual life is essential for living and aging gracefully. When you are living in the true essence of the word, it means that you have peace of mind and you are contented with where you are in life. You must realize that having everything do not mean you would be happy: at least not if we do not have peace of mind. You would never be content if you do not express gratitude. You also need to have a source to go to for revival of your internal energy and comfort; especially during challenging times.

Sometimes we might have everything that we ever wanted but we keep feeling as if something is missing. If this is happening to you, consider that your spiritual aspect of life may be lacking. Look at your spiritual well-being and make it a priority to feed this aspect. A healthy spiritual life would help to create that peace and stave that craving that you may find is currently lacking. You can read this article for suggestions on how to find peace and cope in difficult times.

When you focus more on your spiritual self, you will pay less attention to the material aspects of your life. Consequently, you will reduce the stress levels that you feel when you focus ONLY on the material things you desire.

Take time to pray, meditate and build a relations with the almighty, if you are a Christian. If you are not, find some way of connecting to your spiritual self.


Focusing On The Physical Aspect of Your Life

If you do not take care of your physical body, inner and outer, then this will affect a number of things in your life. For one, you are more at risk for developing acute and chronic illnesses usually triggered by lack of activity, and proper food intake, and/or decreased immune system.

What you put on the inside of your body will affect the outside of your body and your physical appearance. Take time to make sure that the majority of foods you eat are healthy. Pay attention to excess sugar, salt, and bad fats intake, as these have been known to contribute to low immune system(excess sugar), high blood pressure( excess salt intake), high cholesterol (bad fats), heart diseases among other diseases.

While you are busy taking care of everyone else, do not forget your self-care; taking care of your outward body. Sometimes we are so busy worrying about all our problems that we forget to take care of ourselves. Always take the time, as often as you can, to care for your hair, skin, nails, and lips. If you cannot afford to purchase body care products, make your own home remedies to save money: doing those things helps keep you looking youthful and aging gracefully.

Check out this article for the things that people do to help them age gracefully.

Focusing On The Environmental/Societal Relationships

Sometimes we are so busy we forget to live and appreciate the beauty around us. When was the last time you looked at your environment?  If you have not been doing so, find time to enjoy nature; walking star gazing, moon light relax, hiking, swimming and any outdoor activity. This physical activity and fresh air will contribute towards you living and aging gracefully.

If you hate your job or you are experiencing some relationship issue seek a positive outlet for this issue. Consider finding something you enjoy doing and focus on it. I read a blog recently where the writer shared her story about overcoming alcoholism. The story she shared is very inspiring. She overcame her addiction to drinking alcohol by focusing on something she felt passionate about doing.

Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you and make you laugh. Good company and laughter keeps you alive and helps you age gracefully.

Not because you are going through a challenging period in your life does not mean that you cannot take care of yourself. It is not that I expect anyone to pretend everything is all-good; however, you should not let your situation affect your response to the people you come into contact. Find a way to smile; it is not that you are faking anything; it is that you are helping to brighten someone else’s day despite your personal struggles. A smile is contagious. Share a smile more often than a frown.

What are other things that we can do help us in our journey to living and aging gracefully? Please share your comments below and remember to subscribe for more of these blogs.

Four Healthy Ways of Managing Stress

Four Healthy Ways of Managing Stress

There are many ways of managing stress; how do you manage stress? Why is it important for us to manage stress in a healthy way? And, what are some of the things which cause us to feel stressed?
Stress is caused by many external issues. Some of the major triggers of stress today include workplace and job related issues, financial issues, meeting daily basic needs such as buying food, paying rent, or even finding somewhere to live. Then there is also the political stress that some people seem to take on more than others. And, last but not least, relationship problems, whether it is intimate or social. Oh and almost I forget, road rage! Some of us even get stressed by traffic, especially when we are late and don’t want to be later than we already are.

It is important that we manage stress in a healthy manner because stress has been found to be one major causes of many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and depression. It has also lead to sad incidences where people committed suicide or attempt to do so. Others chose to engage in chronically harmful behaviors such as medications without a prescription, drinking alcohol, or smoking.

Because stress can lead to such disasters, what matters is how we deal with it. In this posts, I give you four healthy ways of managing stress so that it does not get the better of you.


1.     Listen To Something Positive.

One of my favorite ways of managing stress is listening to positive things. For example, up beat music, motivational preaching, or motivational speeches. When we are experiencing stress, our tendency is to dwell on it continually, sometimes to the point of letting the issue consume us.

When you chose to listen to positive  words,  you are introducing a healthy way of distracting your mind and changing your thought pattern. Once we make listening to positive things a part of your daily life, after a while, the positive things will override the negative emotions going through your mind and consequently make you cope and feel better.

2.     Engage in Some Form of  Exercise

For example, walk, jogging, yoga.  Walking and jogging are healthy forms of exercise. A brisk walk or jogging will help you find a medium to vent all that negative energy that you feel when are experiencing stress. Besides, being great for your heart and lungs, exercise tones the muscles and make you feel energetic.

Yoga is a healthy way of managing stress. It has become quite popular today, and with the improved technology, one can easily access these exercises online. Yoga, according to some experts, with frequent practice, helps us to stop associating with thoughts that causes us pain. To r

ead about the benefits of yoga on the mind and body read this article.


3.     Walk Away from That Which is Causing Stress

While it is not always that simple to walk away from a stressful situation, there are some instances when walking away is your best choice. For example, if you are in a relationship that has been toxic and there has been no effort on the part of both parties to compromise, walking away may be the best option. Sometimes, we have no other choice but to let go in order to find peace of mind and save your heart from all that extra work.

4.     Look at the Situation From a Fresh Perspective

Eventually, we all have to move on. And, one of the things that help us to do so is when we can see the good in a bad situation. Sometimes, things happen to us not to break us, but to make us stronger for our next step in life. Regardless to how much we would love to avoid bad things from happening, things are going to happen. Take the lesson and move on. The sooner you make the decision to move on the better it is for you and your health.  It does not mean you will completely forget about the incident, it means that you are prepared to live regardless of what happened.