Six Tips to Help You Survive When Walking Alone




If things are going smooth in your life, I can guarantee you that you will never find yourself walking alone. You’ll have people all around you, to the point where you’d be trapped in to a false sense of security, that you can count on if something goes wrong. Now, imagine, what will happen if one day you find yourself in a difficult situation and the people you once knew are nowhere to be found. This is an affiliate link where you can check out Our Ultimate Reality, a reference for Wealth, Health, Meditation, by clicking this link. Suddenly, you realize that you are alone with your faith in a higher being the only thing to pull you through the dark tunnel that has now become your life. You are down and out, but don’t lose your mind just yet. You are surely going to need your mind to enjoy the blessings that are coming your way.  Are you walking alone? Here are six tips to help you survive when walking alone.


  1. Focus on Yourself

Just because everyone else appears to have everything going for them does not mean it is necessarily so.  We do not benefit by wasting our time looking at what others have instead of focusing on how we can improve ourselves. While it is great to emulate the positive actions of those we admire, we should be careful not to take our focus to the point of jealousy and obsession. We must recognize that each of us are unique and blessed with unique gifts and talents.

In order to recognize your purpose, look within yourself and reflect on the things which makes you feel fulfilled and are beneficial to others. How can you use your love for that thing to enhance your own live and the lives of others? What can I do to improve my skills so that my talent can be of benefit to myself and others?


  1. Walk by Faith and Trust the Process

As humans we love to be in control, because we fear what is likely to happen if things do not go the way we anticipate. In order to survive when walking alone, one of the things we need to realize is that we cannot control the outcomes of our journey.  Somethings are not within our control. Instead of worrying about how things are going to turn out, we should trust that things will work out for our betterment.

You do not know what is in store for you, whatever you do, try to stay positive. There will be times when you will feel low in energy and off balance; take time to reflect on the good things which came your way after a period of hardship. I can recall the many instances in which life dealt very hard with me, but I never gave up. I kept the faith and kept going with the thought that nothing I have been through would be in vain.

  1. Make Prayer Your Constant Companion

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among nations, I will be exalted in the earth: Psalm 46:10. Not everyone believes in prayer or reading the Holy Bible, but for those who believe in a higher power you will find that praying and reading the word of God helpful practices. Instead of trying to talk to those who have deserted you in, when walking alone, talk to yourself and to that higher being in which you believe. I believe in God the Almighty. I believe that he hears and answers those who call upon his name, as the good scripture says. So, I talk to Him always, and even more so when I have my problems, I have conversations with Him.

Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Even if you never prayed, it is never too late to do so. Sometimes you hear others condemning people for only praying when they are in trouble, but do not let the condemnation of others prevent you from seeking God.  Instead, ask the Almighty to give you inner peace so that whatever circumstances you find yourself in does not take control of your mind. Check out Bishop T.D Jakes~ Let it Go.

Personally, I try to occupy a great portion of my day with things which gives me mental energy. For example, I listen to gospel music. Three of my favorite songs are Still, Cornerstone, and I Belong to You. I also listen to preaching: my favorite preaching is that done by Bishop Noel Jones. He preaches on real life issues and how you can overcome them, using a biblical perspective. You can find many sermons by Bishop Noel Jones by just googling his name or typing his name on You Tube. In the mean time you can check out I am Not Built to Break.

  1. Believe in Yourself Even If You Are the Only One 

Believe in your dreams regardless to who is or isn't with you
Believe in your dreams regardless to who is or isn’t with you

Self-esteem and confidence in yourself is crucial when you are going through your struggles, if you want to survive when walking alone. There are many books and articles which can help you figure out how to improve your self-esteem. Whatever you do, do not limit your beliefs to your immediate situation, instead, hold fast to the vision you have for your future. Even if no one believes in you or gives up on you it does not mean you should stop believing in yourself.  Even though you are not getting the encouragement from those you really want to, keep working on your goals. Consider and reflect on questions such as; what is my talent? What do I enjoy doing most? What do I picture myself doing in the future? How can I use my circumstances to improve myself?

Recently, I was at a conference and one of the speakers was Dr. the Honorable Ralph E. Gonsalves, the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. One of the things which I found motivating about his speech was that he claimed as a young aspiring politician he went into the local communities to have rallies and no one turned up. He claimed that sometimes, people turned off their lights as if they were asleep and sometimes his only audience was an old man and a dog. The moral of story is that even if no one else believes in your dreams, the most important thing is that you believe in them. It does not matter who choose to support or not support you, you will achieve your goals once you keep working on the means by which you can achieve them. Always remember that the only means of succeeding is not quitting. Go with your inner convictions and do not let your current circumstances and the perceptions of others talk you out of your aspirations.


  1. Be Brave Despite Your Fears and Do Not Quit

Recognize that because you feel alone does not mean you should give up. The first time I entered Walden University online classroom I had this feeling I was in the wrong place. I knew very little about computers, but here I was taking on something that was so much bigger than I. Here is a link to a helpful article I found, very inspiring read: 7 Ways to Persist When Everything in You Wants to Give Up

My biggest challenge was doing a master’s degree online. I hardly had any knowledge of how to do a word document or an Excel spread sheet.  Instead of becoming discouraged by my fear of the unknown, I reached out to one of the professors and I told him I felt as if I was in the wrong place. The professor quoted my name Ophelia from the Shakespeare act. By giving me this encouragement, professor helped me see that even though I felt fearful, I must go through with my studies and tackle each obstacle as it came along. I worked steadily towards my goal with nothing but the belief that once I put in the effort it will pay off. Through it all, I kept the vision of me attending graduation and receiving my certificate. But most importantly, I prayed constantly. Thanks to the Almighty: the outcome was just as I imagined.


  1. Do Not Waste Your Energy on Being Angry and Unforgiving 

When people we love desert us, it is easy for us to feel angry and bitter. We remember all the good things we would have done for them and because of this we feel we are entitled to their loyalty. Even though this is logical thinking, we must realize that because we have been good to others does not mean they will be good to us. Instead of wasting your energy on anger and bitterness, forgive those who have wronged you and move on. Anger is unhealthy when we allow it to consume us. Let it go. Here is The Art of Letting Go of Anger, Toxic People, and Toxic Feelings.

I know, things are easier said than done. But, just like you, I have gone through difficult times in my life and these tips I share with you have helped me through the moments when no one seems to be around to help me. While it is great to have friends, people are not always going to come through for you at the time when you need them to do so. This does not mean that you should give up on you. Instead, seek the help and guidance of the Almighty,  with Him you are not alone. Also, focus on yourself, keep the faith, and trust that things will work out for you. Life is short; do not lose your mind over difficult circumstances. Seek inner peace and be content with where you are while working to improve yourself.

Thank you for stopping by. Please share with someone with the hope of inspiring. I have just discovered this affiliate link to Our Ultimate Reality, a reference for aspects of our lives including wealth, health, and meditation. Click here to find out more.


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