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Six Things to do for the Christmas Holidays

Six Things to do for the Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays are here again! Just the sound of those words fills me with joy! In this moment, I imagine the Christmas lights and decorations.

At this moment, my mind wanders to the beautifully lit streets of Cayman Brac and festive nightlife at The Greenhouse in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands. Hale to our visitors, and a warm welcome to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where you can see the lovely Christmas decorations in various stores and businesses in the city, Kingstown. Next, take a road trip where you can behold the artfully designed and glittering lights at Sion Hill intersection as well as other villages across the country. Certainly, the blend of colors and lights sets off the mood for many people, including myself, at Christmas time.

Although many people in my community take the weeks leading up to Christmas day to take down everything in their houses and clean, I take this season to do things that are easy on my tiny muscles and pleasing to my sense of smell, hearing, touch, and sight. Instead of tiring yourself with all that housework, here are six things you can do to make sure you enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

Stop Making Christmas Holidays About Spending Lots of Money

Instead, make a budget of what you need. No doubt, the Christmas season can put you in the mood to splurge. This is especially so when one beholds the variety of things on sale in the different stores: from expensive personal gift items, to luxurious and eye-catching household items. Avoid catching the fever of Christmas shopping and let the atmosphere entice your five senses instead of your wallet or purse. Try not to succumb to the many gift items on sale, but do let your sense of sight, hearing, and touch be seduced by the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy the moment for what it is! ‘Tis the wonderful feeling of the Christmas Holidays!

Travel to Another Country

Highway 7, Christ Church Barbados is sparkling with lights!

Have you ever wondered what other people are doing across the world for the Christmas Holidays? Just close your eyes and simply let your imagination stretch a little further than what is often portrayed in Christmas movies. Or, go on an actual mini Christmas adventure!  Instead of spending your money on things you don’t really need, put your money to good use and take a trip to another country and have yourself a new cultural experience! If you are in Barbados, take a drive on Highway 7 in Christ Church where you will see more of the bright lights here on this blog!

Be sure to get back home before Christmas Day, if you are enjoy traditional Christmas family gatherings.

Decorate Your Living Area!

Yes! You can have a picturesque home just like what you see on TV. Recently, I visited a friend of mine and it was amazing to see how much one can do with some cheap Christmas balls, fake snowflakes, and plastic. Get your creativity on and create your own personal Christmas fairy tale!

Listen to Christmas Music!

Is there a better way to get in the Christmas mood than to listen to some real Christmas vibes? Even if you do not have snow and you have never seen Santa Claus, there are many Christmas songs from which to choose. Funny, but even the sad Christmas songs  have the power to enhance my festive energy.

Spread the Christmas Joy With Others!

Lighten up, put that beautiful smile on your face and smile at everyone you meet. If you have an exciting idea for Christmas  decoration, share it your family and friends. You never know, you might just get others to join you in the fun of decorating!Christmas holidays

Attend the Various Christmas Functions in Your Community!

Whether you are planning to attend church (to listen the story of the birth of Christ), singing Christmas Carols, or attending a Christmas dinner, make sure you do something fun.

Spreading the Christmas spirit in the city, Flow Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Are you in St. Vincent and the Grenadines? If so, do not forget to check out  our nine mornings of Christmas celebrations at Heritage Square, Kingstown.  As early as four in the morning, people meet in the city to engage in different activities including dancing, eating, singing, and even crying competition. Our nine mornings of celebration is fraught with lots of fun and laughter. It is a Must experience, if you happen to be visiting around this time.

Do you find it hard to get out of bed? No problem, you can always check out Nine Nights of Lights: A Botanical Garden Christmas! Experience Christmas in a beautiful and tranquil setting!It is all going down here in St. Vincent from the 15th of December to the 23rd from 6pm until 9pm!

Remember, the Christmas Holidays is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Let sharing, love, togetherness, and charity be the things that bring you joy. Avoid over spending, over eating, and over drinking. Like with everything else, moderation is the key! Happy Holidays my friends! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

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