Dear Santa

Hilarious Letter to Santa

Hello to all my readers, Like I always say, what’s life without some clean sense of humor? Here’s a funny letter to Santa. I hope it puts a smile on your face as it’s intended to do.

Dear Santa😘, this is the second time in two consecutive years l am writing to you. It seems like you have gone back on your promise but l am not one to mess with😒.

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For the last time, here is a reminder: 🤔 along with the fat bank account, I am waiting on the man you promised me for Christmas since 2016. Throughout the two years l waited, my behavior has been exemplary. I have only lost my temper once on Facebook, and have held my tongue and my fingers tight in most situations. Santa, I have been good I have tried my utter best not to mind other people’s business, unless they air it on Facebook, in which case l satisfied my curiosity by searching other people’s profiles, deleting some of my “friends” and blocking those who tried to push their opinions down my throat🤷. I know you might have an issue with some of what l did, but trust me, the situation could have been far worse had it not been for your promises.

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🙏 Santa, l consider myself a reasonable person. I am now 40years old and my marriage clock is ticking. So far, all you have been sending me are little boys who are twice younger than I am. You even sent me a man who did not even have the decency to ask if l wanted to see him naked, but went straight to my inbox to show me his offending article👹.

Santa, you sent me a man who is amazing but thinks l am too crazy. I guess you forgot to include that aspect of my personality, well this time make sure to let the man know that he has to be a little crazy too, so that when we both meet, we will see each other as “normal.”😏
And, one more thing, please make sure he is tall, dark🤔, handsome, and has all of his healthy teeth as was created by God…

Santa, l know these requests are within your capability. After all, you managed to give my friends more than l am asking for, my cousin Nella Clarke bragged about all the things you gave to her, but because of sworn confidentiality, l would not reveal it to the world, at least, not this year🤔.

Dear Santa
Dear Santa

Santa, l do not want to sound too ungrateful, thank you for taking me. Out of the moldy house before Christmas last year 😀. You certainly saved my life😀.But, don’t think for a minute l got sidetracked, now let’s get back to my demands: You see Santa, if you don’t give me my presents, I am not sure I will be this good come next year God’s will. Please send me my incentive, or else…

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