Sometimes, the people around us are the ones to help us discover our purpose

Are You Living a Purpose Driven Life?

Some of us live our lives without knowing our purpose; we love to experiment and seek our own enjoyment, sometimes with little regard for others. However, after a while, we realize that life is not just about us. We realize that we are here on this earth for more than just our selfish desires. As we venture out in to the world, we become aware of the struggles and hardships of others. Although things are going smooth for us, it is hard for us to turn a blind eye and ignore what is happening to the less fortunate. Suddenly, we hear our conscience telling us, it is time for us to wake up and face reality. It is time for us to discover something that will help us moved from living a selfish life to living a purpose driven life. Visit and find out how to discover your passion and purpose in life.

Are You Living a Purpose Driven Life?


Depending on what age you are, you may not have figured out your purpose. You may have realized that there is more to life than just living for yourself, but never really give much thought to how you can make a difference in this world.

At some point in your life, you will ask yourself if you are living a life of purpose. Alternatively, to rephrase, what is your reason for living?  You will wonder whether you have affected the lives of other people in a positive way. Moreover, you will look at all that you have achieved thus far, and whether it was beneficial to others outside of yourself.


Why it is Important to Live with Purpose?

Life is full of good things. On the other hand, unfortunate things are happening on a daily basis. On a daily basis, we experience, witness, or hear of so much evil that, if we are not careful, we can become discouraged. Some of these happenings will cause us to question the reason for our existence. In addition, those of us who love and value others will become disheartened because as much as we would like to save everyone from suffering, we recognized our limitations.

On the other hand, when we live for a purpose and terrible things happen, we would question why these things happen, but we will never lose our motivation to continue living.


What Happens if Your are Living Without a Purpose?

My hope is that you may have already found your purpose. If you have not discovered your purpose in life, you may have a general feeling as if you are wandering aimlessly through life. You may not feel satisfied with what you are doing. You may feel unfulfilled, despite all that you have accomplished in life.  However, do not worry if you

have not found your purpose, there is still hope. I never truly realized my purpose for living until the age of 38.

Before I truly discovered my purpose in life, I focused on my own needs. I got up each day and all I thought about was what I was going to do for the day. Most of what I did brought me joy. However, the feelings of excitement were temporary!  Every morning, I arise, deliberated on what I wanted to do for that specific day.

This lack of knowing and lack of direction went on for years. I got up each day, did something exciting for myself and woke up the next morning feeling empty. For example, I would go to a party and have fun, but the next day I would feel unfulfilled; the feelings of happiness was always temporary.


How You Can Identify Your Purpose for Living

Discover your purpose
Are you living a purpose driven life?

I truly believe each one of us have a purpose on this earth. We are all born with a gift that once we discover what it is and we use it, we would be of benefit to others and not just ourselves. In order to help you find your purpose I have a few questions I would like to ask you.

  1. Where does your source of motivation come from?
  2. What is it you love to do that benefits others and not just yourself?
  3. What makes you want to get out of bed and face the world, each day?

Consider these questions as you go about your daily life. Also, think about your natural talents; how have you used them in your encounter with others? Do people comment on a specific talent that you have? The thing I realized is that many of us have found our purpose but just have not realized that we have.  In fact, people help us identify our talents by the compliments that we receive on a frequent basis.

Take me for instance; even before age 38, I was doing the things I enjoyed doing: I was helping others, but I put it down to my profession, which is nursing. I started in my nursing career at age 23.  In my time on the wards, I went beyond help others and to make others feel good about themselves.  I always tried to encourage and motivate others. I always had a positive word for the disheartened; however, I never quite put a name to all of this. I never realized that my purpose were my natural abilities including my love for encouraging, teaching, and serving others.

One thing I recall in this journey to finding my purpose in life was patients giving me small tokens after I had taken care of them. I can recall how hard they tried to get me to accept their gifts; they would always tell me how much they appreciated my assistance was and how I made them feel while they were ill.  Some of my colleagues always told me how comfortable they felt in my presence. I can recall one supervisor telling me, “Ophelia, you have this knack for making other people feel comfortable around you.”


What Do You Do When Have Identified Your Purpose?

Once you have identified what makes you want to get up each day to face the world, the thing that helps you stay motivated when the going gets tough, the thing that not only benefits you but also touch the lives of those with whom you have come in contact, you know you have found your purpose.

So, what is next? You jump and shout for joy! You have just discovered the reason for your earthly existence! Then, you take your purpose and make it a part of your daily life. You read more about what it is you have discovered about yourself and use the information to help you design your life.

The satisfaction of living a purpose driven life comes from the joy you get when what you do positively affects the lives of other people. There is this sense of satisfaction you get when you know that someone else’s life is better because of what you did, or helped them accomplish.

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