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Positive Energy: Stepping into 2017


Happy New Year
just a little red wine to keep your heart healthy stepping into 2017 with positive energy



Whew! Hey there, 2016, where did you go? Ha! Not that I am trying to hold you back…no, I am actually ready to say thank you for your experiences, to say goodbye!

Reflection on the Year, 2016

Positive Energy, stepping into 2017, but before we can develop the positive energy to step in to 2017, we must first reflect on the year 2016. Now, I am not one for New Year resolutions, but if it is your thing, feel free to do so.  Personally, I keep a journal where I write my life goals/wishes, thoughts and events important to me. Before I go any further with my ranting and reminiscing, I take this moment to urge you to reflect on your experiences in 2016. Consider the lessons you may have learned and the things, which you can take forward into the year 2017.

Even if you did not get the things you  hoped for, still think of something positive about your experiences. What are some of the lessons you have that can help you or someone in the future? Sometimes, the best of us get sucks in by difficult situations. As the event is occurring it consumes us to the point where seeing anything positive is difficult. The key is to be able to bounce back and see that despite what is going on in your life there is always something for which we can be thankful.

As I sit watching the beautiful blue sky, I decided to write to you and wish you all things positive for 2017. Honestly, writing was not a part of my agenda for today. But then I thought to myself…How could I not want to write a summary about my year, 2016? Two thousand and sixteen was the year I shredded the remnants of my shell and decided that I will be honest and express my deepest thoughts. My goal being to help me grow and help others who may be experiencing difficulties in some areas of their lives. This year, I truly found my purpose: I reconnected with something I thought was lost in my youth! For as much as I have many things I enjoy doing, my true desire is to help people through positive motivation!

As I reflect on 2016, I realized that while I may have gone through many dark and painful moments, I have come out stronger than ever before.With a grateful heart, I say a big thank you to the Almighty God for 2016!I am thankful for my children and those who have been a part of my year whether they are family or friends. I realized that though I lost a few people along the way, did not obtain a job as I had hoped, I met and became friends with a few incredible people. Despite initial challenges and discouragement, I have developed new skills; I now own and manage a personal website, where I can practice my writing in anticipation for professional writing in the future. Most of all, I am happy that I have been able to use this site, cupidandi.com, as well as other social media forums including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to help motivate a few people.


The Year Ahead: Stepping into 2017 with Positive Energy

What are your thoughts for the year ahead? Now, I am sure by now some people have made a long list of their plans for 2017. I am a bit curious to know what is on your lists: What is new on your list from the one you have made in the past? Did you allow for some flexibility and make some backup plans, or is your list unchangeable?

Despite all the brave talk about stepping in to 2017 with positive energy, I would be lying if I do not admit that sometimes a little anxiety sets in as I wonder what and how it would unfold for me in 2017 and beyond. I get anxious about how things will play out for the people I care for most. However, you know what, each time I have this anxious feeling, I tell myself that the Almighty has promised not to leave me nor forsake me. I reflect on all the times when I thought that I could not make it and how victorious I came out. I look at how gracious He has been to me from the day I was born until now. I recall the extreme poverty from which He took me and my anxiety is goes right out the window.

I realize that it is okay not to know what lies ahead, because not knowing is what makes life so exciting. If we were able to tell what was going to happen next, then most of us would have died from boredom. Most importantly, most of us would never have the urge to grow and become better versions of ourselves! Whatever you do, please remember that your life is yours to live! Focus on yourself and move forward with Love, kindness, purpose, and gratitude!

Despite all the uncertainty, I am inviting you to step into 2017 with Positive energy! Cheers to the future! Feliz año Nuevo! Happy New Year: to those who have been with me from the start, and those who are just joining me on my quest to inspire and motivate!

If you have the time, please, I invite you to share an experience, a goal, or a thought about the year 2016 or the year 2017, which is just over six hours away!


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