Your Faith Will Keep You



Sometimes when the pressures of life get you down 

Remember your faith will keep you fully ground 

Take a minute to slowly breathe 

Give your body the oxygen it needs 

Hold dear the things which motivates you 

Release the things which feel like a burden 


Take a moment to feed your soul 

Let the yearnings of your spirit take control 

Reflect on the blessings in your life 

Do not ever let the negative thrive 



At the start of each day express gratitude 

Forget those who threaten you with their negative attitudes 

Each day, ask God to direct your path 

And give you peaceful and a loving heart 



Always feel proud of your daily accomplishments 

Even when others do not give you the encouragement 

Treat others as you will have them treat you 

In all things stay true to you


Know that this moment is for a while 

Approach the task at hand with a  smile 

At the end of the day it is not what others think about you 

But, what you know in your heart to be true



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