Ignore the Naysayers, Embrace the Motivators

Ignore the Naysayers, Embrace the Motivators

Do you have folks in your life who constantly beat you down? Or, tell you it cannot be done every time you have an idea? Are you tired of people telling you that your dreams are too fanciful? Do you have people who encourage you to settle for less than you know you are capable of doing? Well, you are not alone, at some point most of us may have or will encounter a naysayer. Today, I am here to encourage you to follow your dreams and aspirations, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says.


Be confident in yourself. Ignore the naysayers, embrace the motivators
Be confident in yourself. Ignore the naysayers and embrace the motivators

Block Out The Naysayers

The worst thing in life is to be among people who discourage you every time you decide to do something. The naysayers never have anything positive to say and they always look for the negative in every situation. Sometimes, these people may even be in a position to help you, but refuse to do so because they do not have your real interest at heart. Visit lifehack.org for tips on how to deal with naysayers.


One of the first things I do when I realize I am dealing with naysayers is to stop telling them my plans. As humans, we are naturally scared of the unknown, that is, until we become familiar with the thing we feared and realize there was actually nothing to fear.

Embrace The Positive

Some of the people who inspire us may be complete strangers. In fact, we may never have met them in real life. Think about all the positive books and articles that are at our disposal on the world-wide- web. think about all the people who overcame the impossible and become what they are today. Those who rose from poverty to prosperity. Think about all the inspirational quotes that people construct. Think about all the people who take time to post or tweet positive comments on social media.


Click to tweet ~ When we expose ourselves to all that is positive we are able to transform our thinking and ultimately our beliefs and approach to life. ~ Ophelia Myall

Be mindful though, because sometimes the people who inspire us are not necessarily the most rich or educated. They can often be found in the most unlikely places and in random encounters. I can recall one time I was having a conversation with a mentally ill client when he said to me “sometimes the very thing we love is killing us but because we love it so much we refuse to let go.” His reply was to my question “why do you still smoke if you know it is affecting you?” At that time, I was going through some relationship issues and what this man said to me made me stop and think. I was actually doing the same thing he was doing…hanging on to something that was killing me when I knew I needed to let go. I can tell you that this man unknowingly gave me the inspiration to let go of that relationship!

Do it Anyway

Thankfully, not everyone we encounter are naysayers. Not everyone is unwilling to help and inspire others. In my life, I have met some very great people who have inspired me in one way or another. I will not mention any names here, less someone gets jealous and scold me for forgetting their contribution.


You might have hopes of owning your own business, achieving further academic success, earning a job promotion, becoming a police officer, teacher, pastor, missionary, doctor, designer, nurse, dentist, model, singer, actor (actress), poet, writer, scientist, carpenter, mason, security guard. Whatever it is that you aspire to be, work towards that goal regardless to what other people say. Do it anyway! Believe in yourself and give yourself the chance to fulfill your dream…to live…to fulfill your life’s purpose…to be a positive influence in someone else life…to become what you’ve always wanted to be. At the end of the day, only you will be filled with regrets for what could have been, if only you had followed your heart and ignored the people that told you it was impossible…the naysayers!

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