Life is about movement, you fall you get up back

How to Apply the Principle of Movement to Your Life

 How to Apply the Principle of Movement to Your Life

One of the characteristics of living things is that all living things move. Not only is movement considered physical, it can be seen as internal in terms of how we function in our daily lives. As human beings, we have the ability to adjust and adapt to our environment. We have the unique ability, above other forms of living things, to think, make decisions, and take action in our lives. There are many areas in our lives where we can grow, these include spiritual, mental, emotional, and social. But before we can grow, we must make a conscious decision to change.

In fact, it is a personal responsibility for us to focus on building ourselves. If you find your life stagnant and have no idea how to create movement in your life, I give you four things to consider when looking at your life.

The Principle of Movement Through Reflection

Somewhere along the way you may have had your dreams and hopes of a bright future. But, something happened. You may have failed at your first, second, or third venture and decided to give up. You may have suffered great lost such as the lost of a loved one or a large sum of money you invested. Whatever it is that happened, you allowed this to change your mind. You gave up. You stopped believing in yourself.

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they are supposed to help you discover who you are.” ~ Bernice Johnson

Today, I urge you to reconsider your decision to quit and give yourself another chance. Remember those days when you were a child, you fell and someone helped you up.  You cried for a little moment then you forgot about the fall. I want you to look at life in that manner. Each time you fall, you get up and you never stop believing.

Ask your self how you can apply the principle of movement to yourlife
Figure out how you can apply the movement principle to your life

One of the first steps that will help you initiate the principle of movement is critical reflection. Reflect on your life as it is now. Are you satisfied with your life? Over the years, have you improved in any way or form? If the answer to this question is no, then you have some serious decisions to make, that is, if you want to move forward in life.


Take the lessons from your experiences and move on. In life we fall, and it is not so much about the fall, but rather our ability to get up and re-energize ourselves.


Make a Decision Regarding What You Want for Your Life

Making a decision should be one of the easiest things we can do. Unlike other things, all it really takes to make a decision is a conscious effort on our part. Yet, many of us find decision making a complex task, to the point where we often delay it for years and years.

Ask yourself, if your life is all sad and miserable, what are you waiting for to change it? What could possibly go wrong if you decide to change? If you do not like your situation, why are you just sitting by waiting for a miracle instead of making a conscious effort and deciding it is time for a change in your life? Click this link to read this article about the movement principle to help you understand the process of personal and professional development.

You may have thought about pursuing a goal, now is the time to figure out the reason why you want to achieve that goal.  If you have not figured out your purpose or goal as yet, now is the time to explore the things which you thought about, but never really made a decision. Ask yourself why you want to achieve that specific goal. What benefit would it be to you? How could it help others?

Sometimes, the answers to our whys are not as clear, but as you go through the process you will gain more insight.


Commit to the Process of Change

When we decide to change our lives it is only the beginning of the principle of movement. When we make a decision to change, we must become fully committed to the process of change. We must keep in mind the reason(s) why we made that specific choice. There are times when we will feel anxious and we will wonder if we are doing the right thing. Knowing your why will help you stay committed. Moreover, I always say, doing something is better than doing nothing. Despite our fears, we must decide that we are changing. We must gradually begin to view life from different perspectives. We must act. We must maintain our passion and never quit.

I remember the day I decided to turn my life around; I was 22 years old. I was unemployed and felt frustrated. I had finished school and was searching for work, but the search seemed futile. I felt as if I was wasting my life away waiting on my circumstances to change. For several months  I reflected on what was happening in my life. I thought to myself, I am going to take a new path in my life. I had enough.

I suddenly felt the urgency to act. I looked at the things I enjoyed doing and one of them was helping people. I went to the ministry of health, and collected an application form and decided I was going to apply for the registered nursing program.

However, before I sent in the application, I made sure I did not have any medical problems that could prevent me from entering the program. One of the commitment marker for me was being healthy, and knowing where I stood in terms of my health was critical to my steps forward.  I saw a doctor and requested a medical including one for Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV. I was committed to my decision to change.  I decided that once I passed those tests I was going to turn my life around. And, I did.

In everything we do, we must commit. If we do not commit we will continue to waver back and forth and never really grow. Remember, life is about movement!

Embrace Life as a Constant Transitional Process

At first, you might not see any evidence of that change; however, as time goes by, you will feel a difference in the way you think, act, and treat others. Your attitude and perception of life will gradually change as you grow. You will engage in deeper thinking about life. Your imagination will expand and you will see visions of yourself being successful. If you felt like a victim before, this victim mentality will change, because you will no longer blame others for your circumstances, you will take responsibility for your life and your goals.

Sometimes you might beat yourself up when you make mistakes, but as you go through life always try be easy on yourself. Make daily goals that will help you reach your main goal. Commit to doing something every day that will help you grow and remember success does not happen in an instant.

Embrace the process and never stop learning and growing.  Keep the passion burning by surrounding yourself with positive people, reading and listening to positive videos (whether self-help tutorials, speeches, music, prayer).

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