Mood Swings



There are days when my mood is like the sun

I feel alive, I feel happy, and I feel like having fun

Nothing gets in the way of how I feel

My heart soars, my head reels


 There are days when my heart is as heavy as the clouds

So many voices, I can barely tolerate the crowd

Whenever I feel like this turn inward

Pray, meditate, look to God


There are days when I just want to play

If it were possible, my heart I’d give away

I cannot help but smile at the world at large

And thank the Almighty who is in charge


There are days when anger threatens to unfold

The burdens of the day are often untold

Then I seek the things which make me happy

Slowly, calm seeps in and restores me


Oh what a mixture of emotions

That changes like the tide in the ocean

At the end of the day we can all relate

It is wonderful to feel, oh, it is great!

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