When Love creeps in

When Love Creeps In

When Love Creeps In


You are as gentle as the morning breeze

Yet so strong,

Your voice so deep,

yet so warm

Your smile as sly as a fox’s

Yet so charming



Your eyes, they look at me and I melt

Your fingers touch me in a way

I have never felt

You know what parts of me to touch

My body sings


Your conversations always so entertaining

Without meaning to, I cannot help laughing

Your interest in me is quite refreshing

But even more so the stories you

Keep telling


Your kindness I will forever appreciate

The way you hug me I believe that fate

Has brought us together for a reason

It is as if I have known you all my life

Your smile


I felt fear closed in on me

I was so afraid to let you in

For you to see how desperately

My heart wanted to believe

You are real


Then I gradually got to see

That you are unlike any other

You are truly amazing

Uniquely handsome with a great personality

I love you

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