Enhance Your Life & Relationships By Living in the Moment


Living the moment
Living in the moment

Do you practice living in the moment?

Or, are you one of those persons who is always preoccupied? Do you find yourself thinking about what the future holds while on an outing with your significant other and not being able to enjoy living in the moment? What about your relationship with your friends? When you are with them are you attentive? Do you look at your phone ever so often or engage in phone conversations with others while with someone else?


The Challenge of Living in the Moment

One of the most difficult things for some of us to do is stay in the moment. Some of us have this tendency to wander off in our day dreams and night dreams about what our lives and relationships should be like. Day dreaming and night dreaming in itself is not a bad thing; however, we should realize that when we wander off it comes across as lack of interest on our part. Oftentimes, our thoughts are not always pleasant and those in our company can sometimes sense this. Habitually day dreaming also prevents us from experiencing the joy of the moment. It also comes across as rude or lack of interest on our part when we do not pay attention to what the other person is saying. No one likes to know that the person they are spending time with is constantly distracted. If we are having a conversation we love to know that the other person is listening to us.

Then, there are those of us who just cannot put our phones away. We take them to bed with us, to the bathroom, the kitchen, to meetings, to the beach…just about everywhere we go. Not only do we take them, but some of us cannot help but reach for our phones every second, just to see if someone had sent us a message…because there are some many mediums for sending messages, we spend much time going through the many apps, even while our attention is needed elsewhere.

Make it worse, if we are at home, we will be trying to juggle between our computer, cell phone, tablet, and television. There is so much to distract us in this modern age of technology, that we find it hard to pay attention to any one thing or person.

The Disadvantages of Not Living in the Moment

When we are in the company others, we need to practice mindfulness. When we focus on anything but the present, we miss crucial opportunity to build our relationships and form bonds.  Sometimes we are so preoccupied with what “could be” that we miss what” actually is.” For example, you may go on a date with your partner and at the end of the date you cannot honestly give feedback about your outing because you were not paying attention the entire time. Or you go on a trip with your friends but you spent most of your time on your phone that you forgot to have fun. Follow this link for an interesting article about the challenge of living in the present.

How to Live in the Moment

Whether you are spending time with your partner, friends, family, or having a conversation with someone, try your best to be present. Pay attention to what they are saying. If you can not keep off your phone, at least try to be discrete about it. Personally, I make it a habit to put my phone on quiet when I am on an outing, unless I am expecting a significant call. In the latter case, I may explain this to the person I am with so they know the reason why I look at my phone from time to time.

If you are going on a date, prior to your date, you should think about the things you and your partner can do. Remember, your aim is to make sure that you both have fun so that you will want to repeat the experience. After all, no one wants to be around someone who does not know how to enjoy themselves. Before the date, you might want to consider some of the following; what does he enjoy doing? How long has it been since you’d seen each other? Where are you going to spend your time?

Some of us are quite good at planning surprises while others are a bit slow. Regardless of what category you fall in, remember that it is the thought that counts. Most people will appreciate any effort you put into planning for a date. The key to staying in the moment is to be present, be you, and relax.

Living in the moment is a mindset that people who are in relationships and do not see each other frequently should develop. Every opportunity you have to spend with each other should be spent making memories.

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