What Do You Do When Your Life Becomes A living Hell


What Do You Do When Your Life Becomes A living Hell


TYou may be going through a living hell but sooner or later Light must come
The night may be dark but sooner or later comes dawn


Sometimes, life can seem like a living hell. I often sit and wonder why we have so much weight carrying around on our shoulders, when life is so short. Today you are here, tomorrow you may not be. It is easy to forget how precious life is when we are facing what seems like insurmountable mountains in our lives.

We are so busy thinking about all of our problems that we forget to breathe, to live, to laugh, to experience the joy of the moment, to be grateful, to express gratitude, to love, to empathize with others, to help others, to reach out and touch someone, to smile, to admire nature, and to simply just be.

Today’s article is about taking time to appreciate life and resting your burden down if only for a while so you truly begin to live and rid yourself of the pains, burdens, or stresses in your life.


What is Your Situation?

At some points in our lives, we all experience stressful situations. And, I am pretty sure that some of us have encountered similar situations. We develop an illness, our heart gets broken by the people we love, we are lied to, made fun of, taken for granted, beaten down on, bullied, misinterpreted, excluded, abused, failed,  victimized among other horrors.

When these things happen to us, we find ourselves feeling let down, hopeless, bitter, angry, hurt, anxious, or even destructive. We might find it difficult to wake up each morning to face another day. Some days, we might not even want to get out of bed. Our natural protective instinct comes to our rescue and we unconsciously begin to build barriers around our hearts. Barriers that we hope will protect us from feeling the pain or disappointment of whatever we are going through or have already experienced.


Change How You View Your Circumstances

When we are going through a living hell or difficult situations (as some may put it), it is easy to put ourselves in victim mode. We might get so depressed that we feel as if there is no hope and no point in living. We wonder if we will ever get out of the situation, if we will stop hurting and start living the way other people seem to be doing.

As we wake up each day, our heart feels heavy and we wonder how we will ever get through our situation. As far as our eyes can see, there seems to be nothing happening to indicate that our circumstances will change…that something will give and we will get that joy that we keep hoping for. Here is a link that gives you 8 Powerful Reminders for when you are going through Hell.

To say that I have been through some difficult times is an understatement. My experiences would be more accurately described by using the phrase “I’ve been through living hell and back!” Many times! I have been through painful situations many times in my life and though at times I felt almost like dying, the thing is, I have never given up.

My favorite verse when I am down is Psalms 46:10 ‘Be still and know that I am God.”

It is often challenging to figure out your next step when you are going through living hell
It is often challenging to figure out your next step when you are going through living hell

This is a very powerful verse for believers of the gospel. God is able to do the impossible so why worry when you can seek his guidance and ask for his intervention in your situation?


While I understand the feeling of hopelessness, because I have been there myself, I am here to tell you when you feel you are going through living hell, Do Not Give In. Do not let the negative thoughts, the self-pity, the anger, the anxiety, the frustration, the pain take you to the point where you give up on life and your hopes of a better tomorrow. But instead, view these moments as challenges that you need to overcome in order to grow stronger and find your purpose for your earthly existence.


Your Current Situation Does not Determine the Outcome

So you’re experiencing a difficult period in your life, but rather than lie down and die I encourage you to rest, regain your strength, reflect on your situation, and decide on a new plan of action.

Click to tweet~~“Life will be more fulfilling if we focus on the simple things that do not cost us a dime to make us feel as if we are alive”

Personally, whenever I am going through a living hell, I cry rivers of tears for a day or two. I rant and I rave. I even get a few tantrums. Yes! And you know what? It feels better than lying down doing nothing! After the tears, I become very quiet and contemplative. I pray about the offending situation.  I look at every angle of my situation and I turn it inside out. Then I decide on a plan of how I can address the situation. Once I make a decision, I keep very calm and proceed with a step by step plan. Now, I am not telling any of you to take my approach. Throwing a tantrum might not be good for your heart…

One of the things we need to keep in mind when trying to change our circumstance is that everything takes time. Rather than run off and spread your energies doing multiple things which do not reap you any results, focus on one thing at a time and work steadily. Every time you meet a stumbling block you find a way to get it out of the way or walk over it if it does not budge. The key is to keep going with the expected outcome in mind.

Even through our nightmares, like those on Elm Street… We must not forget to take time to do the simple things that really matters. We should remind ourselves to smile, laugh, spend time with those who make us feel good about ourselves, express gratitude to God the Almighty, and take in the beauty of our surroundings. Always be mindful that the things we choose to focus on will occupy our minds and affect our thinking.

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