3 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From The Little Red Hen


3 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From The Little Red Hen

How many of us have developed the habit of reading? In this day and age where technology has made almost everything readily available, some of us have become very lazy to read. Many of the things available in writing are also available in videos. We no longer need to read the news because we now have access to news clips which tells us the basic details.

Technology has helped us in many ways; however, I personally hold on to some of the traditional things I did. For example, instead of just listening to the video in a post, I still have the habit of reading, as long as the alternative is available. I find that by reading I retain and listening to the videos helped me retain more of the message than just listening to the video. Also, some things which are missing in the video are often in the written message.

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In today’s post, I reflect on how much reading has helped me. In my reading as a child I went to more places than I have ever traveled. And those that I have visited, I knew about them because I read about many of these places first. Not only did reading take me to places I have never been, but also most of the books I read helped build my character. One such book is the Little Red Hen.

Even after all these years I still recall the story of The Little Red Hen, and every now and again when things get difficult I remind myself of this story. My daughter, who is nine years old, becomes curious whenever I mention the little red hen. And then, once I mentioned that name, she makes me tell her the story…over and over again

Today, I want to share three lessons I learned from the little red hen while going through these challenging periods of my lives.

  1. The Only Approval You Need Is Your Own

Many times, we listen to what others have to say and if what they say contradicts our own thoughts we often become discourage. When we are pursuing our goals, some of are so accustomed to seeking approval that when we do not get it we fall into the frame of mind that if it is not approved it is not good. If you are seeking anyone else’s approval and not getting it from them, remember this one thing:

Do not depend on anyone’s approval to live your life. If you have a goal, idea, or a plan for your life, and you share it someone and that someone rejects your idea, this does not mean that you have to reject it. It is your idea, your vision. Keep your vision and work towards materializing it. Many times, we listen to what others have to say and if what they say contradicts our own thoughts and feelings we become discourage and give up.


  1. If You Are Waiting For Perfection You Will Wait In vain

Are there seed in your life that you want to sow but is hesitant about starting? More specifically, do you have an idea for something you want to do that you have been thinking about for some time but have not developed the courage to start?

Or do you have a fear that you do not have what it takes to do something you’ve always wanted to do?

You can visit this link for more practical lessons that can be learned from the Little Red Hen

You do not have to be perfect to start. Start anyway. The little redhead was not a professional farmer. But through sheer determination and a willingness to help herself, she was able to sow and reap from the grains she planted.

I had no clue what I was doing when I set out to do this blog. I was told by one so called friend that I was rushing things. I felt lonely. I felt overwhelmed, and those words of condemnation made me feel hopeless for a while. But, I was never one to give up. And so, despite my fears and feelings of inadequacy I started on this journey over one year ago. I am still learning but I give myself a little pat on my back for not succumbing to my fears and what others thought about me.


  1. Have A Plan For Your Life

If you want to live a fulfilling life you must have a plan for your life. The plan does not have to be perfect, but you must be able to say “this is what I want in my life.”

Your life may not be going too smoothly now but that does not mean that things will always remain the same. However, to ensure a better future you must make decisions and work towards carrying them out.  Like the little red hen, make it a priority to capitalize on your ideas, and plans, so that one day, the things you did will be of benefit to you.

Regardless to your circumstances now, it is never too late to develop healthy habits. And, one such habit is reading and encouraging others around you to read. You just never know where your next creative idea might spring from.

Please, I invite you to share your thoughts. Are there any character building stories that you have learned from?

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