How to Help Others Find Success



How to Help Others Find Success.

Being successful can be anything minor to any major accomplishment. Therefore; helping others succeed does not have to be anything difficult or expensive.

In this fast pace world, it is so easy for us to become so self-involved that we forget those around us. While sometimes this behavior may be deliberate, there are times when we genuinely want to help but feel we do not have the time to do so. Sometimes, we keep telling ourselves that as soon as we have accomplished what we are doing, we will find time to help others.

However; as time goes by we realize that we really do not ever have time for anything else because there is always something we need to do for ourselves.

While I have always been a helper, I find that for the past four years I was becoming more self- absorbed as I pursued a master’s degree in nursing education. I promised myself that I would find time to help other people as soon as I was finished. Guess what? As soon as I finished my studies, I found something else to do… until it hit me at the beginning of this year that I really needed to take time to help others. Even though I still do the things I love, I have been finding time to help others. With much thought and experience, here are some ways in which you can help others find success.

1. Share Useful Information

My son and some of his classmates on their graduation day, 2015
My son and some of his classmates on their graduation day, 2015

I believe that sharing useful information to those who need it is one of the ways in which you can help someone succeed.  Sharing information can be useful to others in many ways:

You may know of someone who is looking for a job. While reading a newspaper or on the internet you encounter an opportunity which you think fits the persons qualifications, rather than keep the information to yourself, send the information to the person so they can determine if the job fits what they are searching for.

Likewise, you may have information on a particular topic and you know someone else needs the information in order to complete a project. Volunteering to loan them the book, article or link to website is another way in which you can help someone succeed.


2. Help People Explore Their Options

Have you ever felt stuck? As if you cannot quite grasp what you need to do? Has anyone ever asked you what is your skill and you had trouble answering the question?

Sometimes, we never quite see our strengths and capabilities until someone else points them out to us. We are so used to finding faults, that we miss telling people the things they do well and what we admire about them.

From my experience, a lot of young people who has no working experience have difficulty deciding what they would like to pursue as a career. One of the things I do is question people about what they studied in school, what they enjoy doing, and what they think they have strengths in doing. At first some people have trouble answering the latter question, but by simple explorations they are able to come up with a few options. All they needed was a little of your time to help them gain perspective.


3. Form a Study Group/ Team

You and your colleague are doing a similar course, but your colleague is not as brilliant as you are in some aspects. You realize that your colleague is struggling. Rather than waiting on your colleague to ask for help, tactfully suggest that you would like for them to join you in a study group because you learn better that way and you think that you can both help each other out. Your colleague might not show it, but I am sure they would be happy to join with you.

I can recall one of my classmates back in nursing school taking time from his own busy schedule to have Anatomy and Physiology classes with students at the nursing hostel. Even though he had his own challenges, this student took time out to help others. To this day I can definitely say he assisted some of us in passing this course and ultimately, the entire nursing program.


4. Offer Your Assistance

In my nursing career, I have met many who have been helpful to me.  From nursing school to the workplace, I have been lucky to work with some of the most helpful people I have ever met. People who, in their busy time, still found the time to show me things I did not know. Even after leaving my last workplace, I am still grateful to all my colleagues for helping me in all the many ways they did.

I did not get to where I am without the help of others
I did not get to where I am without the help of others

Other persons outside of the nursing career such as have also been helpful to me. In this world, it pays to be helpful because you just never when you will be in a position where you need someone to help you. Through my entire life and nursing career, I have taken every opportunity to help people. Being of service to the benefit of others simply makes me happy.

If you know of someone who needs help, reach out to them. some people wait until others ask for assistance before rendering help. I always believe that if the situation is so obvious, we should not wait for someone to ask for help, Offer it instead.


5. Be an Encourager

Some people are just natural motivators, while others develop the skill as they grow personally. At the end of the day, it really does not matter if you have an innate skill or not; what matters is that you help others succeed by encouraging them.

In this day of modern technology, there are so many ways of communicating with others.  Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and professional sites such as LinkedIn can be used as forums for motivating others.

For example, I frequently post about my own experiences in a way that shows others that no matter their circumstances they can succeed. I also share motivational videos on my page on a frequent basis. Also, if I see someone posting about a problem they are having, I find the time to write a positive comment under their post. This is the very reason why I have developed this website, so I can share my experiences with others with the hope of inspiring someone.


6. Them Expose Their Talent

Do you know of someone who has a talent but is unaware of his/her gift?

Do you know of any medium by which their talent can be shared so that the right people may see it?  Social media sites such as Facebook and You Tube has been used to help people advertise their skills. if you have a friend who is talented or already have a business, help them share their information via any medium of which you are a member.


7. Be a Role Model

I believe that being a role model is one of the major ways in which you can help others succeed. I also believe that every other step we have discussed here can easily be affected by how we behave and how we are viewed by others.

I have heard people saying that they will never follow or take advice from another person who is not practicing what they preach. People look up to others for a specific reason, and what you do, can unintentionally influence the way they view you.

If we want to help others succeed, we need to act responsibly and respectfully so that those looking at us can emulate our actions.

The Benefits of Helping Others Succeed

If you genuinely want others to succeed, then do so from a place of what you can give to that person and not what you stand to gain. Ultimately, helping others succeed can be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Knowing that you have helped someone carved a future for themselves brings on a feeling of joy and pride. It is as if you are the one who succeeded.  You can learn more about how to set yourself up for achieving your goals by reading this powerful article I found at The 5 Non-negotiable Do-disciplines of a High Achiever.


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