Have A Heart!


Have a heart

Just because you have not experienced it

Does not mean the situation does not exist

Before you ridicule someone when they complain

You must first seek insight into their pain



The cries of another does not have to be

Similar to what you and I  usually see

Each individual’s experience is unique

So, be patient and listen before you speak



Cast judgement aside if only for a second

And listen to their situations

Try to put yourself in their positions

With the aim to better understand



It is no mistake that human beings

Have the ability to empathize among other things

For empathy goes beyond any other quality

That someone needs when they are in difficulty




Imagine the way that you will feel

If you were the one at the wheel

You needed help to get started

But each time you tried you’ve been rejected




Only then will you reach out and help someone

Who was dealt a difficult hand

And, after you have done your part

You’ll realized what it means to a “have a heart”




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