Happy 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 & Beyond

Happy New Year! 2018 & Beyond Part Two


In order to progress into 2018, you must acknowledge your smallest accomplishments for the past year and congratulate yourself, even if no one else did. Often times, you are so focused on the bigger picture that you fail to see the little meaningful things before of you. Today, as you aim to become unstoppable in 2018 and beyond your goal is to focus on what is important, the things that matter to you, and how these things affect your life and the lives of those around you.

In the meantime, look at what is happening around the world as the New Year begins.

What Are Your Greatest Achievements and Insights For 2017?

Before I go any further, I have a few questions for you. What did you accomplish in 2017? What were some insights that you gained? What are some things you can learn going into 2018? What are your hopes for 2018? What are the areas in your life that you would love to strengthen?

…Be it great or small, acknowledge these things. If you are not sure of what you should consider your greatest accomplishments then take a look at what I consider my greatest accomplishments and the insights of my year 2017. Here is my list of things I consider great. Big or small, the things you wanted to achieve and succeeded in doing so should be recognized and celebrated.


  1. I developed the bravery to talk with a live audience, via live videos, in interviews on skype, and in any forum. In addition, as I go, I feel more comfortable expressing my true self and not hiding behind smiles and a tough façade. I learned that sharing my stories could actually help someone who is going through a challenging period.


  1. I got the opportunity, thanks to a few of the people who support me, to give motivational speeches: this year, I did two half-hour motivational talks and one hour talk at three different places including the rotary club event for young college graduates entering the job market/workplace, a new group of insurance recruits, and a women’s church group. I was able to share my experience and knowledge, and give helpful tips to help them see beyond their current circumstances and find ways to develop themselves and simultaneously enhance my communication skills.


  1. I published five books, one children’s book, two self-help kindle books, and two travel-adventure books. The latter three “A Chick Called Victor”, “Uncoil: Lost in the Moment,” and “You Are Just Not his priority” have been my best with the children’s book being the most successful financially. Here again, the very fact that I could put my words on paper and have a few people read them was what brought me the greatest satisfaction. In each of these books, there was a message to the reader…a message I hoped they all received and applied as necessary.


  1. I managed to get google to allow me to place ads on my website, which can trickle in a bit of income overtime; even the most helpful person needs money to live!

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  1. My Facebook page grew by over 4200 friends and my business page over 200 followers: it was not the numbers that mattered though, but rather having my messages exposed to more people with the hope of helping them become more inspired to reflect on their personal growth and development. Though I am not a professional counselor, I was able to assist a few people who needed someone to talk to in a difficult moment of their lives. Despite my love for social media, I still prefer meeting and talking with people in real life. Nothing beats the feeling of engaging in face-face communication.


  1. I learned to ignore the madness on social media sites such as Facebook, take deep breaths and just walk on by those conversations that did not need a rational response. Responding to every post I do not agree with will be an energy drainer for me.


  1. I learned to respect the opinions of others even if I did not necessarily share them and just because I disagree with another person does not mean I have to argue with them. I like the idea of just agreeing that we simply have a difference of opinion and it this is due to unique our experiences and perception.


  1. I have gained a few friends and lost a few toxic ones. I am simply thankful for those who have supported me in one way or the other. Moreover, for those I have lost along the way, I realized that people come and go and while this may sometimes hurt, it is one of the realities of life.


  1. I am learning to understand myself better when it comes to relationships. I was always running away and sabotaging my friendships. Until I met someone, who pointed out my fears and forced me, unknowingly to confront those fears.


  1. I landed a job as a team coach nurse in one of our lovely Caribbean islands! This I could not have gotten if I had not been doing all of the above things.


  1. I learned that instead of focusing all your energy on what you could not do, use your energy to strengthen the things you are good at or would love to do better.


  1. I think my biggest accomplishment was my spiritual aspect; drawing closer to God, realizing that I needed Him in my life. With God came the comfort that He loves me, He will never leave me nor forsake me. This knowledge gave me the power, the faith, the courage to go on even when I felt as if there was no hope. It did not look as if anything was going to change for me, but I learned to trust in God’s words, have faith, and take action based on what He has placed in my heart to do!

Final Words

First I wish to thank everyone who has been supportive of me in one way or the other. Without your support as readers, visitors to my website and/or social media pages, cupidandi.com would not have been possible. I truly appreciate all of you and hope for your continues support in 2018. Most of all, I truly hope that many of you will join me in the mission to create positive changes in our lives and ultimately the people around us.

Overall, what each challenge in this year has done is given me the courage and the wisdom to move forward despite not knowing what the future holds.

Therefore, when you have finished reflecting on what you have done well and the insights you have gained, give yourself a pat on the back. Even if what you have done is very small, it is still an accomplishment. Remember, the greatest things people accomplish start by taking the smallest steps. In addition, as long as you keep searching for ways to improve, you need not worry.

Most importantly, do not compare what you have done with what others have done or are doing. We are all on our own life path, so my encouragement to you is to focus on yourself. Ask yourself, how you can contribute to the good of your society.


In closing, I wish you the reader, a happy, peaceful, healthy, New Year! 2018 is yours for the taking as long as God grants you the will to do so! No matter what comes your way, believe that you have the power withing you to overcome!


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