health benefits of Ginger

Some Uses & Health Benefits of Ginger


Some Uses & Health Benefits Of Ginger

I am certain that if you search online for the benefits of ginger you will find a number of proven and even unproven benefits. This spice is one of the most popular spices in the world. Almost every household use it for one reason or another. If you are reading this and do not use this spice, I hope that by the time you are finished reading you will be motivated to include this spice on your shopping list: it just might save your day. Today I want to discuss some of the uses and health benefits of ginger for common health problems people experience.


 Use As A Pain Reliever For Period Pain

A number of studies point to this spice as having properties similar to that of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Some of these drugs include Diclofenac (Voltaren) and Ibuprofen; these are two of the common drugs I have been prescribed for period pain. However, one day I was reading up on ginger and found some information that suggested it may have similar properties to these drugs. With curiosity being my nature, I decided that I would use this spice the next time I had a period and see whether it works.

I have tried ginger during and before my period and it works, either way. For me, it works just as well as ibuprofen and better than Voltaren. Even if I am having a painful episode and I did not take any ginger or medicine before the pain started, it works to relieve my pain within half to an hour.

As to the amount I use, I do not have a specific measurement. I usually break off a piece of the root, slice it into smaller pieces and boil it in a tea cup of water, until the taste of the ginger is strong. I drink this as warm as I can tolerate, with little or sometimes no sugar.

a piece of fresh ginger root

Throughout a three to four day period (two days of which is usually painful) I would drink between 3 to three cups of the tea (at least one cup per day) until the pain has disappeared.

Since every woman experiences their period differently, I cannot tell you what amount to use and how often; however, if you need more information to decide whether to use ginger as a pain reliever for period pain then you can read this article by clicking this link.



Use As A Muscle & Joint Pain Reliever

Ginger is also another alternative for some body pains including muscle pain and joint pains such as arthritis. Click this link to find out some of the ailments for which this spice is used.

Having read numerous articles on ginger I found out it was also good for muscle pains and I have used it for sore neck/ stiff neck pain (grated it and mix with water) with great results. Therefore, when a friend of mine complained of pain after lifting weights in the gym I told him about ginger and he decided to try it for himself. He reported that he boiled the ginger and drank it and had permanent relief of pain within days. If you follow the link above, you will see that the findings suggest that this herb is good for muscle  & joint pain.


Ginger As An Anti-gas/Digestive Problems Therapy

I think that more people are aware of the effectiveness of ginger as an anti-gas herb than the other two uses above. Almost all of my family members have used ginger when they experienced stomach gas, vomiting, and upset stomach.

Sometimes, discomforts such as gas are accompanied by upset stomach and vomiting.  According to research, ginger have been shown to be effective against nausea (bad feelings/upset stomach) and vomiting experienced by pregnant women, those experiencing motion sickness, or those going through anti-cancer therapy. If you have digestive problems such as gas or nausea, this spice may just be your go to remedy.

If you suffer from a stomach bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori (H-Pylori), you may want to research to see the possible benefits of ginger on this condition.


Final Word:

I find that ginger may spoil faster than I am able to use it. Simply leaving it outside causes it to dry out in warm temperatures and leaving it in the bottom bottom part of your fridge may cause it to spoil. I tried freezing it and found that it stays fresh for a long time. Simply break off piece of the frozen spice and use as required.

For more comprehensive information about health benefits of this spice follow this link. If you are uncertain of whether to use ginger for an existing problem I encourage you to do your research and to check with your doctor if you are currently taking any medications (including NSAIDs) for any illness.

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