Stay focused in times of despair

How To Stay Focused During Challenging Times

How To Stay Focused During Challenging Times


Staying focused when we are experiencing challenging times is in itself a challenge. But, although staying focused is in itself a challenge, we realize that we must not let our situations get the best of us. Regardless to what is going on us, we have to find a way to cope and stay focused on what we want to achieve in our lives. Whether our goal is a physical, spiritual, financial, or relationship goal, we need to foucs in order to attain it. Today, want to share with you a few things I do to help me stay focused when going through challenging times. Here is an article that can also help you on staying focused. Click here to read.

  1. Concentrate On Finding Solutions and Not on The Problem

By now, we have all proven that worrying never solved our problems. Today I urge you to focus your energy on finding solutions to your problems instead of focusing on the problem itself. If there is any truth in the theory “whatever an individual focuses on grows” then you should focus on positive things rather than negative. Instead of staying focused on what does not work, shift your attention to finding things that work. Even if you do not have an immediate answer, do not despair, keep trying. With persistence comes success.

2. Take One Day At A Time

When we are in challenging situations and we look too far in to the future it causes much anxiety. In your moments of despair, do not torture yourself by looking too far ahead. Instead of wondering how things are going to work for you, concentrate on the moment. Do what you can in the moment. Distract your thoughts by occupying yourself with something meaningful such as reading a book, taking a walk, going to the beach, meditating/praying, listening to something inspirational such as preaching or motivational speaking. Most of all, work on your goals.

I can recall my experiences over these past two and a half years. I struggled emotionally to the point of despair. Sometimes I’d get so anxious just thinking about the future. My future looked bleak. With all the rejection I have had in the past two plus years, I was really feeling hopeless. But, then, I realized that these negative thoughts were not helping me. Instead, I began doing things daily that helped keep me occupied and were relevant to the goals I had set for myself. When I changed my strategy, my entire way of thinking gradually shifted and so did the sense of despair.

Action is the antidote to despair. – Joan Baez

3. Believe In A Higher Power

One of the most popular phrase that people tell us when they are trying to encourage us is to “believe in yourself.” I do agree with this encouragement, but I need to add another line to this, that is “believe in a higher power than you.”

Through my difficult moments, I refused to believe that everything in my life that I had done was in vain. I knew I needed a miracle to turn things around for me. But I also knew that I had to use the talents that God gave me in order to make things happen in my life. I had to believe that God wanted what was best for me. I also believed in His words, He will never leave me nor forsake me. Sometimes, I would talk to God and tell him I needed a miracle. Today, I am witnessing my miracle (s) things are not perfect, but what has been happening in my life is not just a feeling, but also the changes have become physically evident.

4. Continue Persevering Despite Your Circumstances

When you are going through a challenging situation, you can easily feel discouraged; especially if the situation has been going on for a long period of time. After a while, of seemingly beating your head against the wall of problems, you become tired. The temptation then becomes greater, and you feel the urge to give up. But, do not give up. Hang in there!

As humans, we tend to place more hope and faith in the things that are visible to us; however, we have to realize that sometimes there is simply no outward evidence of how well we are doing. In order for us to assess our growth, in the absence of physical evidence, we have to turn inward and reflect on what is happening inside of us. Ask yourself questions such as “How do I feel now compared to when my problems first started? “ Has anything change; for example in the way I think, respond or view my circumstances and life as a whole?” Is what I am doing positively affecting the people around me?”

Your answers to the questions you asked yourself will be the only evidence as to whether you are going in the right direction. If you do not like the answers, it means that you may need to seek a second opinion from someone who is not biased. It also means that you may need to reflect on what you have been doing and change course if necessary.

One thing to know is that when things are working for you and you are not seeing any physical evidence, there will still be a sense of satisfaction within you. Also, if you are on the right path, it is more likely that what you are doing will be helping others around you. Be patient with yourself. Everything takes time, so do not expect that things will change without much hard work.

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