Fear of Change:The Ultimate Experience


Are you stuck in a rot and feel like nothing is working in your life? Do you work or live in an environment which makes you feel stagnant? Have you ever considered moving outside of your regular place of employ, residence, or socialization?

I am still surprised at the number of people who has never been anywhere outside of their place of origin. Whenever I asked the reason for not venturing out, I get answers ranging from being patriotic to family obligations. I can understand the complications of moving to another place to live when you are already settled with a family, but what about all the people who are single and have nothing holding them back? What is your reason for being in an environment which makes you feel as if you are not being productive?

Have you ever considered that the key to your productivity might lie in venturing out in the world? In today’s blog I want to discuss the process of changing and transforming in order to find what you’ve been searching for.

Change: Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is our natural tendency to want to stick to the familiar. As we go through life, we develop habits and routines and after a while we become comfortable waking up each day and doing the same thing. Though the familiar is comforting, it is not always productive. We may do something for years and never really become as productive as we are capable of

Change may be scary because we take a risk
Change may be scary because we take a risk

simply because we are afraid to venture out into the unknown. But, if we just take that first step and consider the possibilities that are out there to be grabbed, we will never regret making the decision to brave despite our fears of the unknown.

Change: Taking a New Course of Action 

Sometimes, moving outside of what you are familiar may not always mean traveling to a new country. There are times when a new course of action simply means trying something different. For example, you may be the owner of a b

usiness, but find that it is not profitable. Rather than throw in the towel when things are going downhill, a more positive approach might be to review your strategies and try new ways of doing things.

Change, is it Always Scary? Why?

Change of any large scale may be scary to most people simply because we know what we have but we have no idea what we would be getting. Change requires us to take risks without the certainty of what we would get in return; therefore, there is always that level of anxiety and skepticism. We would play over our situation like a movie and always comes out with a new ending.


I can remember the first time I decided to venture outside of the country of my origin. I had every reason to be fearful. Everything, except my physical form, was about to be changed. I was traveling to a new country alone. I was taking up a job in a place with people whom I was unfamiliar. I was also going to live in an environment that I had little knowledge about. However, despite my fears, I was determined to make a better life for myself and my family; that was the driving force behind my decision to take on this knew life.

Change, is it Worth It?

Imagine living in a world where people grow up and become older without changing and transforming in to their better selves? What would be the meaning of all those experiences and encounters we have throughout our lives?

In order to truly embrace change, we need to be open to the new experiences we encounter.  Change begs us to go beyond our usual ways of being, doing, thinking, and saying. Through the process we adapt new perspectives about our existence and purpose in life. By so doing, we increase our chances of becoming successful in all areas of our lives.

In the final analysis, we have the freedom to choose change or stick to the old ways of existence. Ultimately, if the change we made did not reap material benefits, there is much to be gained for simply being brave enough to venture out of our comfort zones and doing things which are positively different.

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