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Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers


Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers

Hello world! It is another Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to All the Fathers! Every year, a special day is designated to celebrate fathers and to show men, who are biological fathers, step-fathers, grand-fathers, adoptive-fathers, and any other category not mentioned here, how much we appreciate your presence in our children’s lives. I am certain some of us will argue that just as every day is mother’s day, every day is father’s day, too. This should not stop us from taking this one special day to show our appreciation to the wonderful fathers out there.

Every year when that special day for mothers comes around, you help mothers celebrate by planning a variety of events to show us how much you appreciate our presence in your lives. You take us out to dinner, buy us gifts, and give us roses among other things. And so, I feel that on this special day called Father’s Day, women should extend the same appreciation to all fathers who live up to their responsibilities.


In today’s post, I hope to encourage fathers who have been taking care of your children to continue to do the great job you are doing. I also, I aim to inspire fathers who have not been taking your responsibilities seriously and those who do not take any responsibility at all to start seeing the need for your presence in your children’s lives.


Who is A Father?

Personally, I am the view that any man can biological contribute towards the formation of a child without necessarily being called a father. For instance, a woman can become pregnant after having sexual intercourse after which the man whose sperm caused the pregnancy goes missing in action, never to be seen again. While this man may be the biological father of the child, it does not mean that he is a Father. A father, in my opinion, is a man who plays an active role in a child’s life. It therefore means that if this woman ends up marrying someone, the man whom she marries will become a father to that child if he takes on the responsibilities or roles of a father.

My daughter and her grandfather in Kingstown St. Vincent, 2016

The Responsibilities/Role of Fathers

Although some families exist without a father figure, this does not eliminate the fact that fathers are important in child-rearing. From inception to the time a child reaches adulthood, a father should be there to help his child in every aspect of their lives. Fathers are needed to help establish and continue relationships

with their children. Fathers help educate, guide, nurture, protect, pray for, and support their children as they move from one growth stage to another.

Quote from one father “I would spend valuable time for her to have fun and recreation so as to fulfill the overall role and help her become a positive individual.”

Although not every child may be affected by having an absentee father, many studies show that children who grow up without a father may lack self-esteem, become delinquent and even seek attention and love from male figures who are not their father. On the other hand, children who have an active father figure in their lives seem to progress better in every area of their lives, including the area of personal relationships and academics.


The Challenges Father’s Face in Fulfilling Their Roles

We are all aware of the imperfect world in which we live. It is therefore, a reality that fathers who are genuinely in to taking care of their children may face certain challenges. One of the biggest challenges fathers face is being criticized by us mothers. As women, we often overlook the times when our children’s fathers do something great for them. Some men complain that nothing they do for their children seems to be appreciated.

Recently, I interviewed some fathers and it came as no surprise that some of these fathers who are active in their children’s lives face many challenges. Some of the challenges include living apart from their children, having relationship and communication problems with the mothers of their children, working overseas, and not working for the kind of money they need to help their children financially.

Men are natural providers and being responsible fathers you naturally want to ensure that you can be there for your children financially and otherwise. Some of you may not work for a large income so may not be able to provide as you should to your children; however, this should not stop you from doing the best you can. While some mothers are only interested in the financial support, it is imperative that you spend quality time with your children. It is interesting to note that women like myself love when our children’s fathers take time to build positive relationships with your children.

Quote from one father when asked what is the most important thing to him as a father “being able to support my young financially so they would not need to beg.”

News Flash! Fathers you should not let being broke stop you from spending time with your children. While I am not downplaying the value of money, I want you to know that some mothers like me think quality time is just as, or even more important for children. Please do not let the state of your finances keep you away from your children.

The Benefits of Being a Father

Despite the many challenges and issues affecting our dedicated fathers, there can only be positive benefits of being a part of your children’s life. Not only do you get to teach your children the strong ethics and principles by which you yourself abide, but also you get to watch them grow into the beautiful beings they were truly meant to be.

Children are a joy to be around. The manner in which they reason and communicate is so much less innocent and complicated. You see problems and they are quick to help you come up with solutions. They have such faith and does not see things as complicated as we do. Their candor can make you laugh for hours on end, even when you are not in the mood to laugh. You know what the old saying says about laughter, it is the best medicine. Your face will also benefit because it will look more handsome than when you frown.

This article is not only for fathers of young children, but also for fathers of adult children. My philosophy is once a father, always a father. While your children may be all grown and independent, it is truly a joy and blessing to continue to have great relationships with your children. As an adult myself, I still feel happy having a father even though I did not have one growing up. I feel that despite the hurt and the pain, even the old wounds of having an absent father in my childhood can be healed through reconciliation.

For those fathers of young children and would be fathers, I encourage you to see fatherhood as an everlasting bond that once formed and nourished will never be broken even unto death…for our memories live on.


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