Mistakes People Make in Their Quest For Employment

Three Mistakes People Make in Their Quest For Employment

I had a very long day and if I was not so determined to write this post I would have ended up falling asleep with my head on the computer. This post is for people in search of gainful employment, a means of livelihood, but most of all a job that involves something they are passionate about; You see, many of us we either get stuck doing something we hate or we get stuck waiting for something we enjoy doing. Whether your desire is to become self-employed or work in an area you truly enjoy, the key question is, “How do you get out of either situation?” More importantly, “What prevents you from getting out of that situation?”

They Fail To Take Action Regarding Their Employment Situation

If you do not take action, your employment situation will never change. Whether you are in a dead-end job or unemployed, taking action is the only way to get anywhere. For those who are in jobs that they hate going to every day, it is crucial for you to decide if you want to stay or to move on. Once you have made a decision regarding your employment status, there are many actions you can take when trying to change your current situation; You can apply for a different job, more in line with your interests, further your studies in a new field, or in the same field, that is, if obtaining a higher position in your current field is what you crave. To expand on my post below is a link to an article I found with some useful tips:

5 Steps to Overcome the Challenges of Job Search When Unemployed

As a nurse, I decided that though I loved bedside nursing, my real passion came in helping/teaching others in the same profession. Instead of veering off in to a new field, I simply furthered my studies in the educational aspect of nursing.

Whatever field of employment you choose, make sure it is something other than staying in a job you have no joy. Most jobs are eight or more hours per day; imagine spending 8 hours of your 12 hours in an environment you hate for the rest of your life. Some of us get comfortable and despite not being happy, we prefer to stay in our current situation rather than make an effort to improve.


If you are unemployed, the key is to find something that you have some level of interest in and focus on developing in a few areas around that interest. You do not need to have a job to be useful. Instead of waiting for a job to land in your lap, be proactive in educating yourself. On the internet, you can find information on every topic you can imagine. Get a head start by preparing now so that when the right employment opportunity comes you will be ready.

Three Mistakes To Avoid During Times Of Adversity

They Get Stuck In The Planning Phase

You want to move on and you want to make things happen, but you cannot seem to get past the planning stage. You feel as if you are not ready, despite all the information and resources that are available to you. You are probably plagued with a lot of what ifs and the fear of failing and what others will think about you if you decide to take action.

You might be getting a reasonable salary, in your current field of employment, and you feel as if you let go you will not be able to maintain your current lifestyle. Heck, you might even be living from paycheck to paycheck and see no way to sustain yourself. I can understand the struggle you are experiencing because I have been there and I know it is not easy finding a job in today’s economy. Even starting up your own business is challenging; always remember if you do not try, you will never know what you are capable of doing and becoming.

Also, remember that no matter how much you plan you will never feel ready. Look back at what you are leaving and ask yourself if you would rather stay than move forward and if the answer is moving forward just take a leap of faith and fully commit to making things work. Be flexible in your approach and know that as long as you keep putting in the effort, your path will unfold before you, slowly but surely.

For those of you out of a job and have all those ideas that you somehow keep putting off taking action on them, this is the time to do so. Imagine what would happen if you sit on whatever qualifications and or skills you have and wait for an opportunity that never comes? How would you feel a couple of years down the road if you are still waiting for that job, especially when you know you could have done something to change your situation?

So you are qualified for a job but you are still unemployed? What do you do in this instance? Do you wait or do you keep building yourself? As someone once said, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Do not sit and wait idly, prepare now for your future opportunities.”~~Ophelia Myall


They Give Up Too Easily

Taking action is only a part of dealing with challenges. The key issue with many people is that they start things but never finish anything. Instead of focusing on a few key ideas, you spread your energy on many things and so at the end of the day, you end up getting tired, frustrated, and in the end, you leave a trail of unfinished business behind you.

If you are going to succeed, you must be aware that success does not come easily. You might look at the lives of others and think that they had it easy, but what you did not see is the number of times they cried, got angry and frustrated, and felt hopeless. The only thing that kept them going was their commitment and faith in a higher power. I just listened to Tyrese telling Steve Harvey how broke he was starting out on his journey; for him, he kept his faith in God and kept pushing despite his challenges.

Take a rest when you get tired, frustrated, or need to re-evaluate your situation. Whatever you do, do not give up. You may need to be flexible in your approach, but never give up. As someone who has gone through many struggles, especially in the last three years, I know that eventually something has got to give, but only if you hang in there.

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