prevent irritation and dry skin after bathing in sea water

How To Prevent Dry Skin & Irritation From Sea Water

How To Prevent Dry Skin & Irritation From Sea Water

Sea water has been found, according to studies, to have many minerals that is good for the skin as well as clearing clogged pores and other healing effects. I can recall my mother sending me to get a sea bath whenever I had the flu. Whether on not it worked, I am uncertain.  Additionally, many people swear that sea water helps with their eczema, small sores and even their acne. I for one have witnessed the healing effects of frequent visits to the sea with children who had sores on their skin from insect bites. Is salt water from the ocean harmful for your skin? Read to find out the benefits of salt water.

While we appreciate the benefits of sea water, some of us will also like to prevent the extra dry skin and irritation from occurring after a day on the beach. When the skin becomes too dry it can cause discomfort such as continuous itching, which often leads to bruises when we scratch. Click this link if you want to see some of the common reasons for dry skin.

If you are one of those persons who would rather prevent the dry skin and irritation from occurring while on the beach, then you are not alone. There are times when I am quite okay, and other times when I experience dry skin with irritation. As a result, I prefer to use some sort of protection so that the sand and salt do not cling to my skin. Now the best thing would be to rinse the skin with fresh water, however, fresh water is not always on hand. Therefore, my next go to solution is prevention by taking the following three steps.


  1. Prepare Your Beach Body in Advance

Ladies, if possible, shave a day or two in advance of going to the beach; this will minimize the skin irritation. I have noticed that if I shave on the same day when I go to the beach, my skin itches. Naturally, my reaction to the itching is to scratch, which sometimes leaves obvious scratch marks on my skin.

Shaving a day or two prior to going to the beach allows for healing of the if you experience minor irritation to the hair follicles and the skin from the hair removal cream, waxing, or using a shaver. So that on the day you attend beach you would experience any itching.


  1. Moisturize Your Skin Lavishly

If you are concerned about your skin drying out when you swim, then you should make it a priority to moisturize your skin just before going to the beach, entering the water, or just after bathing in the sea: which ever you prefer. For me, I prefer applying moisturizer before going to the beach or in to a pool.

I find that some moisturizers work better than other moisturizers depending on the main ingredients. You should consider using a skin moisturizer that has an oil base. The reason for an oil-based lotion is that it locks in the moisture in the skin so that the skin does not dry out.

If you chose to apply the moisturizer before going into the water, ensure that you cover all over for maximum protection from salt and sand. When applied properly, oil based moisturizers forms a barrier between the skin and the water in which you swim.

If you chose to apply the moisturizer after swimming in the sea, ensure that you have freshwater available to rinse off the salt water, before applying the lotion.

Personally, I use Coco-butter gel Body Oil (Nourishing Cocoa Butter), which claims to lock in moisture and leave a radiant glow, and for me it does a great job at keeping my skin well oiled.

I have also used coconut oil or coconut oil based moisturizers and found them to be great as well. Then there is Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl, which smells and feels great on the body.

  1. To Take a Bath or Not Before Applying Moisturizer

I guess it is up to each individual’s preference and comfort whether or not to take a bath before going to the beach. Personally, I take a bath prior, because I find that oil base moisturizes such as cocoa butter gel goes on smoothly when done on a damp skin.


Side Note:

If you have any kind of skin problem such as eczema or psoriasis or any other skin issue or allergy please consult with a dermatologist about using a specific moisturizer.  Also, feel free to seek out information regarding the healing powers of sea water on some skin conditions. In addition, the above moisturizers that I used are just for referencing.

Please share your thoughts regarding whether one should ignore the dryness and irritation and go for the benefits derived from bathing in sea water.

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