Do Not Assume, it is Not About You



If you have ever experienced this situation

Then you might want to use this caption

“Do not assume, it is not about you”

When you did not hear from another person



Before you complain about my inattentiveness

Reflect on the things which may be happening

Remember, everyone has their own personal nest

Where they recoil, re-energize, and restore their inner being



I did not say hello because I was trying to

Figure out a solution to something I could not confide in you

If you did not hear my voice, do not stay there and stew

Instead, reach out and ask if there is something you can do



Too many people sit in their comfortable nest

And forget what life can be like for the rest

Of us, who struggle on a daily basis

Each day is just a new challenge just to exist



So, the next time you realize I am missing

Please consider, reach out, and ask how I am doing

Do not assume I am avoiding you

For in my mind, I have so much more to do


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