Cracked heels and dry heels remedy found in your kitchen

Cracked Heels:The Secret Remedy is Found in Your Kitchen


Cracked or Dry Heels? The Secret Remedy is Found Right in Your Kitchen

Dry heels! Dry feet!  Cracked heels! Cracked and dry heels are a cosmetic emergency, oh well; maybe I am a bit extreme here, calling it an emergency. But, if you ever had the misfortune to develop cracked or excessively dry heels then you will understand where I am coming from.

Almost everyone gets dry heels from time to time ( so the remedy for cracked heels will be of use to both males and females). However, it does not mean we should shrug our shoulders and be done with it. Usually, dirt and even the end products of body lotions we use, build up on our feet and heels. Overtime, this problem may become very unsightly, or worst, severe dryness can cause cracks on heels and soles of feet. You might find that no matter how much lotion you apply, your heels and feet still look unsightly.

Personal Experience With Cracked Heels:I woke up one morning and noticed a few cracks in my left heel. They were tiny cracks, but nevertheless, I freaked out! When I really sat down and researched the reason for cracked heels, I admitted to myself that I had done this to myself. I was always walking around bare feet and never took care of my heels. When I applied body lotion, I never took the time to make sure my heels were properly moisturized. And so, overtime, those cracks appeared, causing me to take stock.

After experimenting, I found that it was best to soak feet and remove all that build-up, before applying moisturizing lotion to my heels. For a time, I even slept in socks. And it worked. I cannot recall how long it took for the tiny cracks to fade, but thankfully they did. I still make the baking soda or vinegar remedy a part of my beauty routine so I wouldn’t have to deal with that unsightly cracked heel problem again.

cracked heels disappeared
Cracked heels gone. Only mild dryness after a long day.


Spotting Dry  and Cracked Heels: Now I look around me on a daily basis and I can’t help but look at people’s heels. You can say I have a natural eye for spotting dry and unsightly heels. That’s where my baking soda and vinegar remedy comes in. These two ingredients are almost always present in the kitchen and are inexpensive compared to all the popular foot care brands on the market.


Baking Soda and the Vinegar Remedy: There are two different remedies I use for Dry Feet and Heels: the Baking Soda and the Vinegar remedy. For me, I find that either one works very well to remove buildup of dirt and dryness to heels and feet.


Steps 1. Simply add 2 to 3 table spoons of baking soda to a large bowl containing lukewarm/tepid water.  Or, half cup of vinegar to the water. You can use apple cider or white Vinegar. I personally prefer apple cider vinegar as it is known for its anti-fungal properties, but will use white vinegar when I run out of apple cider. Make sure the bowl is large enough to cover both feet at the same time.

Step 2. Soak feet for approximately 20 minutes to half an hour, depending on the extent of the dryness or build-up. While you soak feet, you can find something to do that does not require you to step out of the water. For example, I take this time to do some writing or respond to emails.


Step 3. After about 20 minutes you can check feet to see whether the slough easily comes off. You can do this by using your finger nail or one of those abrasive finger nail files and gently rub it against your heel. You should notice while dirt peeling easily, if feet are properly soaked. If no slough appears leave a little longer then try again. The amount of slough will depend on severity of the build up


Step 4. Once the slough easily peels away, gently rub against the entire heel, soles (pay attention to the arch of your foot where build up tend to be excessive than other areas), between toes and on top of your feet and ankles, always gently remove any dead skin around your nails. I usually remove all nail polish before I do my foot soak so that my toes get cleaned too. Do the same for the other foot. Make sure to place a foot towel near you so you can place each foot as you complete each foot. Read this blog I found about 12 Surprising Personal Uses for Baking Soda.

Step 5. Dry feet properly, then apply lotion of your choice. You can soak feet before or after a bath. I enjoy doing so after a bath so I do not need to wash off the baking soda water from my nails. If done properly, your feet should feel soft and smooth immediately upon drying.

For people with cracked heels, you may wish to make it a nightly habit to apply lotion to your feet then put on a pair of socks. This will help to retain the moisture on your feet. Overtime, it will also reduce the unsightliness of the cracks.

Note: By no means is the baking soda or vinegar solution a substitute for any severe foot condition such as severely cracked heels. For personalized care, consult a medical professional. Persons who suffer from conditions such as Diabetes should consult their doctor in order to avoid complications.

Please let me know how it works, when you try this remedy.

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