When Climbing the Gate was the Only Choice I had


When Climbing the Gate was the Only Choice I had


Laughing at the thought of climbing the gate last night
Laughing at the thought of climbing the gate last night

Climbing the gate doesn’t, by any means, indicate I was a wild young woman, not by any stretch of the imagination. Although I had a rebellious streak, I was also responsible and was good at taking care of myself. After all, I had lived on my own from the age of eighteen. I was in my early twenties, twenty-three to be exact. I missed all the partying in my teens so I was trying to catch up.


Now catching up with what I had missed out was no easy feat. I enrolled in the nursing program and the workload was killing me. Sometimes I bawled and told anyone who cared to listen I was going home. However, I was not fooling anyone. Not even myself. All and sundry knew I did not have anything to go home to, except for the four walls of the wooden structure I was living in.


Everyone had their challenges, and no one was entertaining my tantrums: so I decided to ease my stress the easiest way I knew how. I had a master plan. On weekdays, I studied hard. I made sure I did my assignments, even if it means drinking ginseng and staying up all night. On Fridays, I went to the popular club back then, Club Iguana. Now do not ask me why they called it Club Iguana, I never bothered to find out. I supposed it was because Iguanas come out at night. Hmm, do iguanas really come out at night? I have no clue. Back to my story…Saturdays were for spending time with my so and visiting the library alternatively. Sundays were for ironing, taking a walk, and mentally preparing for Monday.


It was a Friday night. The stars were out and the moon was probably shining. A couple of my friends from nursing school and I decided we were going out to the club. We should have asked for a gate pass but thought that we could get away and come back without the House Mother the wiser. We had a security guard, but we planned to be back by midnight and hoped he would be reasonable and open the gate for us. There we were in the club. It almost felt like in the movies: the lights were on, no cameras that we could see.


We danced and joked around, careful not to drink over our limits. Now me, I love Malibu and pine, but if the truth were told, I loved Pine more than Malibu. Therefore, when I ordered my drink I asked the bartender for a trace of Malibu and a glass of pineapple juice. He looked at me strangely, but handed me my drink just as I ordered. I do not tolerate alcohol and I was not going to let his puzzled look stop me from having my favorite juice, pineapple.


We looked at the time every now and again just to make sure we got out of there in time to go back to the hostel. It was about midnight before we decided to leave the club; it was too early, but we did not want to push our luck too much.


Our driver dropped us off outside the gate. The place looked dark, the security was nowhere in sight. We called to him. He answered and told us he was not letting us in. I am laughing my head off now, but when it just happened it was not funny at all. How could this man be so mean? We pleaded with him to open the gate, but he insisted he was not letting us in. He knew we did not have a gate pass and he was taking advantage of the fact that we could not call the House Mother!


Climbing the gate
When climbing the gate is the only choice you’ve got

Ha! Well, I was not one to tolerate foolishness lightly. Therefore, using my climbing skills, I took off my high heels and proceeded to climb the 6-foot or more gate. It shook as I clambered up, but I was not scared one bit. I had climbed so many trees in my younger days I was very skillful at finding footholds. Check Reddit.com if you want to read more about climbing.


A young woman climbing over the gate must have been a remarkable sight: I guess I took the security guard by surprise. I could see him watching me in the dimly lit yard. One of my other friends finally found some bravery and decided to follow suit. The security, realizing that one way or the other we were intent on getting inside, decided to open the gate. I walked by him mad as hell as he opened the gate for the others to come in.


Hmm, you know, some memories stick and this is one of them. Although I was mad about the entire thing at the time, I can laugh about it today. Those students, who are on campuses anywhere in the world now, please obey the rules! Do not end up in my situation where the only choice you will have is to climb the gate!





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