A Chick Called Victor

Children’s Book: A Chick Called Victor


Children’s Book: A Chick Called Victor

Hello to all my visitors! It has been a hectic period for me and as it came to an end, I thought I would update you on what has been happening in my life since May of this year, 2017. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone of writing my usual blogs to writing and publishing a children’s book. Although this was something I wanted to do as a teenager, I never really looked in the direction of writing until a year ago when I started this blog. The name of the book is A Chick Called Victor. The book can be found at Createspace.com or Amazon.com. While this is not the only book I have written since March of this year, it is one of my major achievements.Check out this video for more information and promotion on A Chick Called Victor

 The Concept Behind  “A Chick Called Victor”

Writing this children’s book has been a challenging yet rewarding process. With the encouragement of my daughter, who encouraged me to write the book, after I recounted a childhood story to her, I finally accomplished the enjoyable task of writing, and ensuring proper design of the contents of this book.

Registered nurse Jerrol picking up a copy for his nephew on July 17, 2017 in Kingstown, St. Vincent.

A Chick called Victor is a book written with every child in mind. The story in this book is one that can be told to children as a  way of inspiring them not only to read, but also to show kindness, love, and compassion to others as well as animals. One of the major lessons I wish for children to grasp from this book is that whenever the need arises to help someone or an animal, one does not have to wait…one simply takes the initiative and assist. And, in the end, you will find that acts of kindness are always repaid.

When you are helpful and kind to others, you sow seeds that you later reap in your time of need. If we instill such values in our children; they will grow to love each other and the animals and things in their environment. This book is for both boys and girls. The three characters include one boy, Kevin and two girls Zena and Lori. The main star of this book is a Chick/Chicken Called Victor.

The Target Age Group

The age group geared at is from Kindergarten to grade 4 (ages 4 to 10 years). In case you are wondering, you can also purchase this book for any age group. Two of my customers took the initiative of buying this book so they can start reading to their unborn children. Also, parents have bought this book for children as young as two years old and as old as eleven and twelve years old. One customer even bought it to read then gave it as a present to a child in his community. Another parent bought the book as a birthday gift for her son’s 9 year old friend who was celebrating his birthday in June.

A Chick Called Victor is a versatile book. One of my customers purchased an extra copy so she can donate it to the preschool where she works as a teacher. There is obviously no end to what you can do with this book “A Chick Called Victor.” I have yet to meet a child who has read this book and has not loved the unique story of Victor and his three human friends.

 Support From Communities

A chick called victor children's book
A screen shot from the Searchlight news paper spreading the news about this children’s book you can read the story at this link; click here

This  children’s book was well received by many parents, adults, and children in my home country St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as people in countries such as the UK, Canada, the USA, and the Cayman islands. I hope that as the word spreads that parents and adults will find this book and take a moment to read and share the story with others. A Chick Called Victor is the first in what will be a series, so those who read this book will get a chance to learn more about Victor and in the near future!

To all those who have supported me by either sharing or purchasing A Chick Called Victor, I extend a heartfelt thanks to you. Your enthusiasm and willingness to share this children’s book has been a blessing. As I go forward in the series with Victor I keep my readers at the center of what I do. My main goal in writing this children’s book is to inspire/ encourage reading in children as well as help to spark their imagination. I personally believe that reading sets the basic foundation for any goal in life. Through reading one acquires knowledge and although the knowledge may not be applicable at the moment the reader indulges in the reading it actually helps to enhance the reader’s abilities in the long run.

In the next children’s book, Victor Goes to School…don’t miss this episode as it will be an even more exciting read than the first book!

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