Childhood days when I sat and dreamed about my life

Four Things I learned From My Childhood Experiences

Four Things I learned From My Childhood Experiences

Today as I sit here and reflect on some of my childhood experiences. And, even as teenager, and younger adult, I do often reflect on my life with the realization that everything that happened in my life was a lesson and was shaping my reality. I know with every fiber of my being that everything that happened in my childhood and earlier life was shaping me into who I am today. I know that those experiences of sadness, hopelessness, and defeat were the foundations upon which I built my life today. If it was not for my experiences, I would have never recognized the need for people to encourage and build each other. Today, my aim is to share my personal childhood experiences with you so that you can see that there is hope for you even if things look bleak today.

It is possible to Have Visions of Our Future Life From Childhood 

I think some of us tend to downplay the thoughts of children. We think to ourselves that because they are so young they do not understand what life is all about. In some aspects young people may lack the maturity that is needed to make sound decisions, but this does not make their dreams of a bright future less real. Learn more about childhood and what your dreams say about you by clicking this link.
I can recall in my childhood how I used to sit on a bench, made from crooked sticks, behind our not so grand home. I would look over the mountains and imagined myself in another world where I was happy and lived in a peaceful and comfortable environment. At times I wished I had wings like a bird and I could fly. When I flew, my imagination took me to places like Miami, Paris, Rome, London, New York, and all the other places that were written on my favorite pink dress.
As I grew older, my visions became clearer. I knew that although I was in a seemingly hopeless situation, there was much more to my life than what was happening at the time. I wanted to be a writer, but I did not know why until just recently the pieces finally came together. Now I see why I chose nursing and later focused on education. All of these choices helped shaped what I do today.  I hope to express my inner most thoughts in a way that other people will resonate and be encouraged, and this has been made possible because of my life experiences.


Our Thoughts Affect Our Actions and Ultimately Our Reality

As a child and teenager, I looked around and felt jealous of many of my classmates who seemed to have it all. I thought to myself that I had nothing. I was wrong, but I could not see it then. After all, we are raised in a material world where people value material things more than people.
In my childhood and younger life, I may have lacked the comfort and luxury of a functional family, I may have lacked all the things money could buy, but I had one thing. I had my vision and dreams of a brighter future. In my visions, I had a future that was filled with meaning and purpose; I was writing all those lovely books and poems. I was teaching others. I was travelling to different places and meeting new people. I was attending university. I had money. I was surrounded by people who actually saw me. I was not invisible.

Always strive to keep a positive mentality. You might not see it now, but later in life you will look back and realize how much your thoughts affected your life. If you have children, strive to always encourage them and instill optimistic attitudes in them. Discourage negative self-talk in the people in your life, regardless of the circumstances.

Do Not Worry About the Outcome, Everything Falls in to Place

Looking back at my years as a teenager left to her own devices, I know my life could have turned out differently if I had let the worries cripple me from taking action. I realized that even though I may have worried about how things will turn out, I was always doing things to help me better myself. I read any book I can get my hands on and wrote my thoughts in the form or poems.
Today, I realized that looking too far ahead causes us much anxiety and worry about how things will turn out in our life. While it is normal for us to worry, we should never worry to the extent that we remain immobile. If I had let this worry cripple me I would never had been here to write this post or even own this website.
When we have our goals, we should ignore the feelings of uncertainty and take steps towards achieving our goals in life.


Your Dreams Can Become Reality If You Do Not Quit

Although the negative thoughts ran through my mind and I felt constant worry about my future, I did not quit. I showed up to school almost every day, even when I had no money to buy lunch or pay for transportation. Other times, I actually had to decide between buying lunch and paying for transportation. Despite the challenges, I still made sure I went to school. I kept telling myself that education was my first step out of poverty.
Through my years, I kept my vision. There were times when I felt like giving up, but my thoughts would not let me. Over the years, my thoughts of a brighter future have been the driving force behind my actions and my life.
If you are reading this, I want you to know that life is a series of steps. Nothing can be achieved immediately. It takes hard work, determination, discipline and positive thoughts to make progress in life.

I urge you to look at success as you will a baby; the baby grows from one stage to another and go through all the different developmental stages before becoming an adult. Celebrate your small achievements as these are part of your successful journey in life. Each time you are tempted to give up, reflect on your life and how far you have come.


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