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Five Things To Consider As You Face Life’s Challenges

 Five Things To Consider As You Face Life’s Challenges


As I sat thinking about what I was going to write today, I reflected on these first few months of this year 2017. I reflected on all the that have occurred in my life before the start of this year and then I smiled. It is not that I am not experiencing challenges, I am, but I chose not to focus on the negative aspects. I have chosen instead to look at every small moment of ups that I have experienced.

Your Situations in Life depends on how you perceive and react, rather what actually happens to you. When things are going smoothly in our lives, it is quite easy for us to feel as if we are conquerors. And, the feeling is good, because we look at things through rose-colored lenses. However, when life throws us stones and big rocks, this is where the test of your strength comes into play. We have a choice of either keep moving or giving up? Which will it be? Only you can decide.

Todays, post is about focusing on the positive things in your life and not the negative. And you can do this is so many ways; below are just some things to consider as you travel the challenging journey call life.

1. What Kinds Of Emotions Are Dominant When You Have Challenges?

How do you react when you meet those ups and downs? Do you react in the same way as you would when things are going smoothly? Do you experience negative emotions such as extreme anger, self-pity, self-blame, self-defeat?

Do you get impatient at first then quickly realize and change your approach to positive? Or, do you react negatively and continue in that negative mindset, hoping for something great to happen so you can feel like a conqueror again?

In considering these questions you will become more aware of how you feel and will then be better able to respond positively even through your pain.

2.  How Can You Get Rid of  Negative Emotions

It is not always easy to feel strong when life feels like it is beating you down. But I am asking you to consider reflection as part of your growth process. The next time something challenging happens to you, I want you to recall this discussion and reflect on your how you feel and react to it.

If your response to your challenging situation is to throw in the towel, I want you to catch yourself and halt those feelings that do not serve you well. Instead of continually dwelling on the negative, give yourself some time to process your emotions then move on. Even if you feel you cannot overcome your situation, make a conscious effort to be positive.

At first, you may find it difficult to think positively, but do not give up; even if it takes you half an hour or two hours, or even a few days, or weeks, keep trying to remain positive by replacing your negative thought with a positive one. Let go of the negative emotions: the self-defeating thoughts, and the victim mode. Tell yourself that you are a conqueror regardless of your situation. Follow this link for video and blog with suggestions on how to get rid of a negative habit.


  1. Do You Have A Go To Anchor?

If you have belief in a higher being (in my instance I believe in God) consider prayer on a regualr basis. Express gratitude for the good things in your life, even if you feel you have nothing. Remember that you have life and that is the most important gift. Without life there is nothing. Keep that mindset and begin to make a plan for your life. Have the faith that you will be more than just okay. That things will work out for your good and the good of those who you wish to help.


  1. Consider Having A Plan For Your Life.

Having a plan for your life does not mean that things will turn out the way you want them. Having a plan just serves as a road map; you may not necessarily follow the exact path on this map. It prevents you from wandering in life and falling for any and everything that is all around you. The music you listen to, the books you read, the people you dwell among,  can and will affect your life, for better or worse. The plan you have for your life is what will decide your ultimate choices in life.

Let the destination/ goal be something that is beyond the physical and material things in life. Let it be something that is so beautiful that people will see the radiance you give off around you. Let that destination be one that positively affects the life of other humans and not just yourself. For, to seek a solely materialistic destination would not give you such beautiful rewards as one that affects the life of other humans.


  1. Life is Beautiful, Capture The Moments.

Life is not meant to live in fear. However, if you do not handle the challenges wisely you can end up feeling discontented and unhappy. In all that we do, we should strive to capture the beauty in our moments. Although I speak of a destination, I do not mean in a physical sense. I meant, in a sense where the growth that you aspire to is within yourself. To be the best you, which is something that requires we constantly grow. As long as we live we will continue to grow (for better or worst).

If you want to have an idea as how to go about dealing with life’s challenges, I invite you take a look at some of my self-development blogs. You might just find something that helped me and is similar to a situation that you are currently facing. Just click on any of the categories. I have basically been writing about the path I am on and it is my hope that this path will leave a permanent trail for those who wish to find it.

Thanks for stopping by. If this post resonates with you or you think that it will help someone else, please, I invite you to share.


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