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Don’t be Afraid to Dream


I remember like it was yesterday

As I watched the birds fly away

Over the mountains to the hills

My heart went though I was still



I imagined my arms were wings

My body took flight, yes I Imagine

I flew across the mountain and sing

A happier place, joy flew like a fountain







My life, reality suspended momentarily

For once, just once, I felt free

To dream, to imagine all that I can be

No one to say no or discourage me


A vision so distant, yet so clear

No one knew, but I was aware

That once I could imagine me

One day, I will be all I wanted to be



Dedicated to my son Ric and my daughter Honey and all my nieces and nephews.

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If Love Was A Silly Rhyme



If love was a pine and I was an appleIf love was like a bird, I’d grow wings

If love was like music, my heart will sing

The true melody of one so free

Every key, every note rang out splendidly



If love was a boat, I’d sail to sea

If love was a plane, I’d be happy

To fly across the sky to places unknown

Where no one’s hungry or tiredly moan




If love was a bus, I’d still be me

If love was an elevator, I’d risk the journey

To move upwards in to the unknown

Where evil is at end and kindness thrones

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If love was pine, I’d be an apple

If love was today, I’d be tomorrow

Where hopes are high as the sky above

And Love is me and I am love