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If Love Was A Silly Rhyme



If love was a pine and I was an appleIf love was like a bird, I’d grow wings

If love was like music, my heart will sing

The true melody of one so free

Every key, every note rang out splendidly



If love was a boat, I’d sail to sea

If love was a plane, I’d be happy

To fly across the sky to places unknown

Where no one’s hungry or tiredly moan




If love was a bus, I’d still be me

If love was an elevator, I’d risk the journey

To move upwards in to the unknown

Where evil is at end and kindness thrones



If love was pine, I’d be an apple

If love was today, I’d be tomorrow

Where hopes are high as the sky above

And Love is me and I am love




Haters, I Salute Thee!

I say, let your haters

Be your major motivators

Any attempt to put you down

Aim upward steadily from the ground



There’s no limit to what you can do

When they try to destroy you

Focus onward to the future

Hard work, perseverance, and prayer



an style="color: #800080;">Take time, think things through

Let not their achievements hasten you

You are not in competition with anyone

But to fulfill your personal mission



Each one has their own purpose

What’s yours, what’s mines, is not for all of us

Be patient, be content in the moment

Every step purposeful, time well spent



And when the day of your success is here

You’ll look, but haters will disappear

They’d realized their efforts were futile

You deliberately ignored their hatred and guile