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When Love Creeps In

When Love Creeps In


You are as gentle as the morning breeze

Yet so strong,

Your voice so deep,

yet so warm

Your smile as sly as a fox’s

Yet so charming



Your eyes, they look at me and I melt

Your fingers touch me in a way

I have never felt

You know what parts of me to touch

My body sings


Your conversations always so entertaining

Without meaning to, I cannot help laughing

Your interest in me is quite refreshing

But even more so the stories you

Keep telling


Your kindness I will forever appreciate

The way you hug me I believe that fate

Has brought us together for a reason

It is as if I have known you all my life

Your smile


I felt fear closed in on me

I was so afraid to let you in

For you to see how desperately

My heart wanted to believe

You are real


Then I gradually got to see

That you are unlike any other

You are truly amazing

Uniquely handsome with a great personality

I love you

Reality Soon Sets In…2017




The New Year is at hand

It begins with new expectations

Some reflect and resolve to do better

Others look anxiously toward the future

The beginning of the year is like a corner

As you reach the curve, the mind wonders

Will things change around the bend?
Will I, this year, see a new trend? The feeling of joy is everywhere An almost brand new atmosphere People expect that things will happen Now, that the old year has come to an end   But, reality soon sets in As the new year slowly begins slowly the magic of the moment fades like the sun in the evening shade   With a new year comes a new opportunity To create what you want your life to be Wake up, there's no magic, it is very clear You will have to do better than last year 


A Poem of Hope: I will rise

I pen this poem of hope:I will rise

Though, life struggles may get me down

And the burden and strife

 May bend me to the ground


I will rise, if only but slowly

From the pain of life blows

Dealt on my mind and my body

Life wounds I bear, but only God Knows


I will rise, even when my body seems 

Not to obey what my spirit is saying

The self-defeating thoughts that creep

In, the tricks my fickle mind is playing


I will rise, from the depths of my misery

Despite the struggles, I will overcome

How I do it amazes even me

For, it is not I who is responsible for my victory


I will rise, because I refuse to be

A victim of circumstances or society

I will rise because I, with the strength of the

 Almighty, have been rescued from what I should not be

Hello Beautiful September


People born in September are like no other

Once you’ve met a Virgo, you’ll always remember

The sweetest and kindest people you’ll ever find

They’ll take over your soul and make love to your mind

With a charming personality and a genuine smile

A Virgo will leave you amazed and beguiled

They’d treat you with respect and be loyal

They don’t love by halves; they give their all

Don’t be deceived by Virgo's demure appearance

They prefer to left somethings to the imagination

Vulgarity and boastfulness is not in their character

They are humble and view life simpler

When you are in trouble look no further

If you have a friend born in September

You will never have to ask twice

In a second they’d be by your side


Whatever you do just be genuine

For, the people who are Born in

September, do not like people who fake it

If you are anything but real, forget friendship


 So come all who were born in September

Let us make this a month to remember

Have a Happy Birthday,2016 will never return

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun


Compassion:To Experience Suffering is to Understand Suffering

compassion, poverty, care of the needy
Compassion says to help the needy

I am badly bruised but not broken

From the depths of my pain still I rise

A gentle whisper, my mind has spoken

Do not let your spirit be killed by this fight




So, reach inside and muster your energy

Pessimism destroyed, made way for positive energy

The scars of this battle will tell your tale

Because such a fight will always leave a trail



Through your afflictions you’ll find compassion

When others suffer, you’ll understand

Instead of turning away from the needy

Sharing and caring will come to you naturally



You’ll think twice before ignoring,

The pleas of the poor, and suffering

Instead of disqualifying with the usual scorn

You’ll help them find a way to overcome


Do Not Assume, it is Not About You



If you have ever experienced this situation

Then you might want to use this caption

“Do not assume, it is not about you”

When you did not hear from another person



Before you complain about my inattentiveness

Reflect on the things which may be happening

Remember, everyone has their own personal nest

Where they recoil, re-energize, and restore their inner being



I did not say hello because I was trying to

Figure out a solution to something I could not confide in you

If you did not hear my voice, do not stay there and stew

Instead, reach out and ask if there is something you can do



Too many people sit in their comfortable nest

And forget what life can be like for the rest

Of us, who struggle on a daily basis

Each day is just a new challenge just to exist



So, the next time you realize I am missing

Please consider, reach out, and ask how I am doing

Do not assume I am avoiding you

For in my mind, I have so much more to do


What Effect Does Music Have On You?

Soothing our soul is a must

When things around are affecting us

Our experiences which cause us pain

And make us realize there is nothing to gain


Music, one of the most powerful gifts in life

It inspires, it uplifts, it makes us thrive

Woke up this morning with this song on my mind

Cornerstone, a powerful song by Hillsong, so sublime


The true rhythm of this music is

As soothing as a mother’s kiss

The softness it creates inside

Makes us realize that we will abide


There is nothing more blissful

Than a soothing song

That shelters our souls from the cruel

And makes us persevere and realize we are strong

Have A Heart!


Have a heart

Just because you have not experienced it

Does not mean the situation does not exist

Before you ridicule someone when they complain

You must first seek insight into their pain



The cries of another does not have to be

Similar to what you and I  usually see

Each individual’s experience is unique

So, be patient and listen before you speak



Cast judgement aside if only for a second

And listen to their situations

Try to put yourself in their positions

With the aim to better understand



It is no mistake that human beings

Have the ability to empathize among other things

For empathy goes beyond any other quality

That someone needs when they are in difficulty




Imagine the way that you will feel

If you were the one at the wheel

You needed help to get started

But each time you tried you’ve been rejected




Only then will you reach out and help someone

Who was dealt a difficult hand

And, after you have done your part

You’ll realized what it means to a “have a heart”




Take the Chance, Look Beyond First Glance


Sometimes we look at other people

And form conclusions before we even know

We often forget the person in front of us

Deserve to be treated kind and just


If we’d only take one chance

And forget judging  at the  first glance

We’d see much more than meets the eye

And gain answers to our whys



There’s a lot to learn by interacting

With someone regardless of their origin

A smile, a little conversation

May dispute our first impressions



But life has taught us to be skeptical

Of those we meet along our path

To not trust a stranger, at all

And be careful who we let in our heart



Is it that life’s lessons have dealt us a disservice?

Causing us to lose out because of this?

Through it all we are left searching

For a miracle to heal our lack of trusting



Life’s Journey: A Personal Perspective



Life is a journey we all must travel

The young, the old, and the feeble

Days of joy will certainly be

Other times hearts will be aching and heavy


You’ll question your life’s purpose

The reasons why we exist, all of us

Will have our own experiences

Of pain, joy, then some bliss




As time goes by we will see

Though life is designed by destiny

 Your choices will have an impact,

So forge forward with courage and act


Although time may fly, seemingly

Each soul will complete their journey

And, when it’s done you will see

That life is just a memory


So take time, appreciate the ones in your life

Release the pain and desist from all strife

But most of all, give thanks to The One above

For His grace, His mercy, and His Love