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Children’s Book: A Chick Called Victor


Children’s Book: A Chick Called Victor

Hello to all my visitors! It has been a hectic period for me and as it came to an end, I thought I would update you on what has been happening in my life since May of this year, 2017. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone of writing my usual blogs to writing and publishing a children’s book. Although this was something I wanted to do as a teenager, I never really looked in the direction of writing until a year ago when I started this blog. The name of the book is A Chick Called Victor. The book can be found at or While this is not the only book I have written since March of this year, it is one of my major achievements.Check out this video for more information and promotion on A Chick Called Victor

 The Concept Behind  “A Chick Called Victor”

Writing this children’s book has been a challenging yet rewarding process. With the encouragement of my daughter, who encouraged me to write the book, after I recounted a childhood story to her, I finally accomplished the enjoyable task of writing, and ensuring proper design of the contents of this book.

Registered nurse Jerrol picking up a copy for his nephew on July 17, 2017 in Kingstown, St. Vincent.

A Chick called Victor is a book written with every child in mind. The story in this book is one that can be told to children as a  way of inspiring them not only to read, but also to show kindness, love, and compassion to others as well as animals. One of the major lessons I wish for children to grasp from this book is that whenever the need arises to help someone or an animal, one does not have to wait…one simply takes the initiative and assist. And, in the end, you will find that acts of kindness are always repaid.

When you are helpful and kind to others, you sow seeds that you later reap in your time of need. If we instill such values in our children; they will grow to love each other and the animals and things in their environment. This book is for both boys and girls. The three characters include one boy, Kevin and two girls Zena and Lori. The main star of this book is a Chick/Chicken Called Victor.

The Target Age Group

The age group geared at is from Kindergarten to grade 4 (ages 4 to 10 years). In case you are wondering, you can also purchase this book for any age group. Two of my customers took the initiative of buying this book so they can start reading to their unborn children. Also, parents have bought this book for children as young as two years old and as old as eleven and twelve years old. One customer even bought it to read then gave it as a present to a child in his community. Another parent bought the book as a birthday gift for her son’s 9 year old friend who was celebrating his birthday in June.

A Chick Called Victor is a versatile book. One of my customers purchased an extra copy so she can donate it to the preschool where she works as a teacher. There is obviously no end to what you can do with this book “A Chick Called Victor.” I have yet to meet a child who has read this book and has not loved the unique story of Victor and his three human friends.

 Support From Communities

A chick called victor children's book
A screen shot from the Searchlight news paper spreading the news about this children’s book you can read the story at this link; click here

This  children’s book was well received by many parents, adults, and children in my home country St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as people in countries such as the UK, Canada, the USA, and the Cayman islands. I hope that as the word spreads that parents and adults will find this book and take a moment to read and share the story with others. A Chick Called Victor is the first in what will be a series, so those who read this book will get a chance to learn more about Victor and in the near future!

To all those who have supported me by either sharing or purchasing A Chick Called Victor, I extend a heartfelt thanks to you. Your enthusiasm and willingness to share this children’s book has been a blessing. As I go forward in the series with Victor I keep my readers at the center of what I do. My main goal in writing this children’s book is to inspire/ encourage reading in children as well as help to spark their imagination. I personally believe that reading sets the basic foundation for any goal in life. Through reading one acquires knowledge and although the knowledge may not be applicable at the moment the reader indulges in the reading it actually helps to enhance the reader’s abilities in the long run.

In the next children’s book, Victor Goes to School…don’t miss this episode as it will be an even more exciting read than the first book!

Hungry Enough to Eat Sand

 Hungry Enough to Eat Sand

Once upon a time, I had my only day off and I was hustling with my housework so I was unable to cook. A friend of mine promised me lunch and I was in anticipation of eating whatever he brought.

hungryAs the day went by my mind wandered ever so often to the food. He had mentioned that he was steaming dumplings, cassava, etc., along with Ackie and Codfish. Now just the thought of this food was enough to make my stomach growl.

I know they say that Ackie can kill you. However, I was so hungry that I was not thinking about the possibility of dying because of food. For, the way I was hungry, it was more likely that if anything were going to kill me it would be hunger.

As the day went by I kept listening for the sound of a horn tooting, but each time it was someone else next door. About 1 pm, the food arrived. I could smell the contents even before I opened it.

I was just about to take some clothes to the laundry, so I decided to put the clothes to wash and bear my hunger for a moment longer.

I placed the food on a chair outside the laundry, while my four-year-old daughter sat on an opposite chair. There was no inkling of what was about to happen as I hurriedly went in the small laundry area.

It was but a minute or two before my laundry was all set and machine was running. I walked out the door and stepped towards the chair, prepared to grab the food and eat.

I looked at the empty chair puzzled. Where the food could be, I wondered. Then I saw my daughter with my food; she was sitting on the concrete floor.

I stepped closer asking her why she had my food on the floor. Ha! That question partially unspoken, as before I can utter all of the words I received yet another shock. On top of the Ackie lay a pile of course sand. The kind you meet on beaches. I blinked twice to make sure I was seeing right.

I was speechless for a moment then I grabbed my food and tried frantically to save it. I looked at my daughter. Then I looked at the sandy food with tears in my eyes. Why did you do that? How could you do that? I was screaming. I said, if I only put my hands on you, I would not be able to stop!

Then, I did the next rational thing. I called up my sister on my old Blackberry phone. As she picked up the phone, she could hear me bawling. Through my bawling, I complained to her, that her niece had just thrown sand in my food and that I was as hung

ry as a starving dog.

My sister was all calm and patient. She wanted to know what I planned to do. I told her I did not know, as I looked at the food and wished the sand would just disappear. She asked, is the sand all over the food? I told her the sand was everywhere, especially in the middle on the Ackie and Codfish.  She asked, is it possible to clean off some of the sand? I looked at the food stupidly, all the while bawling. Then I said to her, okay, I would try. I thanked her for her help and then hang up.

I went upstairs with my daughter with tears streaming down my face. It was a good thing that I lived in a secluded neighborhood, where everyone minded their business. Whether or not my neighbors heard me whaling, I had no clue and I really did not care at that moment. After all, you know what they say, a hungry man, was an angry man.

I went in the kitchen and careful not to upset the sand anymore, I took out the pieces of food that had less sand. I used a spoon to help scrape off the sand and those that had too much I threw away.

Eventually, I was able to have a tiny meal. I felt the sand grind on my teeth as I chewed the food. Every now and again, I swallowed whole pieces of food instead of chewing.

My daughter had already eaten, as I prepared her meals differently. She looked on with her face all apologetic and said mom, I am sorry. I hugged her and said, it is okay, but do not ever do something like that again.

Parents, sometimes, our children are going to do things we do not imagine or even understand. However, I urge you not to strike out at them in anger when they do so. Take some deep breaths and bawl if you want to before addressing the matter.

Check out this site for funny childhood mischief stories.

I invite you to share a funny experience you have had with your child or children.

When Climbing the Gate was the Only Choice I had


When Climbing the Gate was the Only Choice I had


Laughing at the thought of climbing the gate last night
Laughing at the thought of climbing the gate last night

Climbing the gate doesn’t, by any means, indicate I was a wild young woman, not by any stretch of the imagination. Although I had a rebellious streak, I was also responsible and was good at taking care of myself. After all, I had lived on my own from the age of eighteen. I was in my early twenties, twenty-three to be exact. I missed all the partying in my teens so I was trying to catch up.


Now catching up with what I had missed out was no easy feat. I enrolled in the nursing program and the workload was killing me. Sometimes I bawled and told anyone who cared to listen I was going home. However, I was not fooling anyone. Not even myself. All and sundry knew I did not have anything to go home to, except for the four walls of the wooden structure I was living in.


Everyone had their challenges, and no one was entertaining my tantrums: so I decided to ease my stress the easiest way I knew how. I had a master plan. On weekdays, I studied hard. I made sure I did my assignments, even if it means drinking ginseng and staying up all night. On Fridays, I went to the popular club back then, Club Iguana. Now do not ask me why they called it Club Iguana, I never bothered to find out. I supposed it was because Iguanas come out at night. Hmm, do iguanas really come out at night? I have no clue. Back to my story…Saturdays were for spending time with my so and visiting the library alternatively. Sundays were for ironing, taking a walk, and mentally preparing for Monday.


It was a Friday night. The stars were out and the moon was probably shining. A couple of my friends from nursing school and I decided we were going out to the club. We should have asked for a gate pass but thought that we could get away and come back without the House Mother the wiser. We had a security guard, but we planned to be back by midnight and hoped he would be reasonable and open the gate for us. There we were in the club. It almost felt like in the movies: the lights were on, no cameras that we could see.


We danced and joked around, careful not to drink over our limits. Now me, I love Malibu and pine, but if the truth were told, I loved Pine more than Malibu. Therefore, when I ordered my drink I asked the bartender for a trace of Malibu and a glass of pineapple juice. He looked at me strangely, but handed me my drink just as I ordered. I do not tolerate alcohol and I was not going to let his puzzled look stop me from having my favorite juice, pineapple.


We looked at the time every now and again just to make sure we got out of there in time to go back to the hostel. It was about midnight before we decided to leave the club; it was too early, but we did not want to push our luck too much.


Our driver dropped us off outside the gate. The place looked dark, the security was nowhere in sight. We called to him. He answered and told us he was not letting us in. I am laughing my head off now, but when it just happened it was not funny at all. How could this man be so mean? We pleaded with him to open the gate, but he insisted he was not letting us in. He knew we did not have a gate pass and he was taking advantage of the fact that we could not call the House Mother!


Climbing the gate
When climbing the gate is the only choice you’ve got

Ha! Well, I was not one to tolerate foolishness lightly. Therefore, using my climbing skills, I took off my high heels and proceeded to climb the 6-foot or more gate. It shook as I clambered up, but I was not scared one bit. I had climbed so many trees in my younger days I was very skillful at finding footholds. Check if you want to read more about climbing.


A young woman climbing over the gate must have been a remarkable sight: I guess I took the security guard by surprise. I could see him watching me in the dimly lit yard. One of my other friends finally found some bravery and decided to follow suit. The security, realizing that one way or the other we were intent on getting inside, decided to open the gate. I walked by him mad as hell as he opened the gate for the others to come in.


Hmm, you know, some memories stick and this is one of them. Although I was mad about the entire thing at the time, I can laugh about it today. Those students, who are on campuses anywhere in the world now, please obey the rules! Do not end up in my situation where the only choice you will have is to climb the gate!





Only Quarter Mile to My Destination

 Only Quarter Mile to My Destination


My  flight with LIAT to my destination was uneventful. The flights were on time. I had no problems with luggage because I only had my handbag and my carry on. Everything was just the way I imagined. Except for one thing, I did not get the opportunity to make any travel friends. The plane had just landed to pick up passengers in St. Kitts, and we were on our way to beautiful St. Maarten.

En route to my destination
en route to my destination

I was not the kind of person to sit quietly on a plane. I loved chatting with strangers. It helped me to develop

my people skills and in this instance, get my mind off how I was going to get to the first place I had on my list to visit. One of the passengers, who boarded the plane in St. Kitts, was sitting beside me. In an attempt to get her in to a conversation, I looked at her hands and told her that she had hands like mine. She looked at me puzzled. I explained to her that her hands looked like she used them to work regularly. She smiled and told me she was a teacher. I smiled at her and introduced myself.  We chatted for a while, then some silence.

It turned out that Lynn, which is not her real name, had lost a loved one and was going to St. Thomas to attend the funeral. I looked at her, I knew she was hiding what she really felt and trying to appear strong.


I heard the pilot announced to prepare the plane for landing. I turned my attention to the matter at hand and I looked down at the beach as the plane approached the Princess Juliana International Airport for landing.  The plane swooped low over the beach and I laughed at the memory of me back in 2005 when I ran for cover. I was sitting on the beach completely unaware until the plane was almost up on me. After the initial alarm, I made a mental note never to go to that end of the beach if I ever visited the island again. Need more exciting travel stories then visit journeys are made @


It was not long before we were on our last leg of the journey to our final destination, St. Thomas. A few passengers had boarded, but none seemed familiar. I felt a twang of disappointment, as I was hoping for a tour guide. What fun will it be to have this adventure all alone? Nevertheless, my hopes were still up. I still had time to find myself a tour guide in the customs area.


The lines through customs were long. As I waited, the man in front of me looked back and started to chat. He said he was on the island to sort out some legal issues so he can get his pension. He had lived here a long time ago and was back for good. I felt a glimmer of hope, not for his pension, but as a potential tour guide. It was his turn to go to the immigration officer, so he motioned he will wait for me outside.


There were some issues with the immigration documentation system, so it took me longer to get through customs. It was as if someone had deliberately thwarted my rendezvous with my potential tour guide. By the time I got outside, he was nowhere in sight.  There goes my potential tour guide. I looked around me and thought to myself, what a day! I needed time to think so I went to the bathroom to freshen up.


I took a deep breath then with a smile on my face I strutted out of there as if I had been there a million times. I told myself that if I had gone to big cities like Chicago and lived to tell the tale, then surviving on this small piece of rock should not be too difficult. Now I was not one for following directions or understanding maps. Therefore, I had made it a point to study the locations of the places I wanted to go from the airport. It was too early to check in and I wanted to use the time to visit Nisky Shopping Center.


I could have taken a taxi to my destination, but the map said the center was .25 miles from the airport. That sounded like walking distance to me, so I decided I would take the walk and experience a little bit of the island life. To make sure I was heading in the right direction, I asked a young man who had just came out of his vehicle. He looked at me doubtfully when I told him I wanted to walk to the center. I guess he thought I was looking too fancy for the task. Without waiting for him to discourage me from my adventure, I told him I was accustomed to walking.


Whew! I was sitting in the front seat of a black jeep in a matter of minutes. The young man was not convinced that I was capable of walking .25 miles, so he offered me a ride. He had gone inside and left me in his jeep. My intuition told me I could trust him. After all, he trusted me to wait for him. It occurred to me that I could have driven off with his expensive looking vehicle. However, I was not feeling in the mood for a high-speed police chase. Instead, I relaxed and waited for him to return.


After only a short wait, we left the airport and headed in the direction of the Nisky Shopping Center. I began to see why the young man offered to take me: I had never seen a quarter mile so long in my whole life. It looked longer than the same distance I traveled when I lived in Cayman Brac. I looked out of the window expectantly. I was hoping to see my hitchhiker friend who was supposed to be waiting outside for me. My plan was to wave at him and smile, but he seemed to have disappeared in to thin air.


We arrived at the Shopping Center and the driver helped me with locating the services I needed. It only took a few minutes before we were on our way back to the airport. The driver was expecting a passenger on a flight and needed to get there in time. I was intent on catching a taxi to the Windward Passage Hotel, but the driver was not entertaining me. He must have looked at my petite frame and thought I needed protection. He had no idea that I was meaner than I looked.


We had picked up the passenger and went on our way to the my final destination in minutes. I thought the passenger looked like someone I knew. Almost like Jackie Chan. Except that I had only seen Jackie in the movies and was not sure I would recognize him in real life. It was not until much later that I realized that the passenger was a famous reporter from DC and his name was not Chang. He was Wang.


It took less than ten minutes from the airport to the Windward Passage Hotel. I said goodbye to the driver and his passenger. I had arrived in one piece at my final destination. I was happy I found great people. It goes to show how mysterious life can be. One minute you think you are getting one thing and the next minute life throws you something else. My experience today was like me asking for pelau but instead I received lasagna.


The hotel looked huge from the outside. A pleasant looking woman sat at the counter. I approached her with a smile and she smiled back. I filled out the necessary forms and was on my way in a matter of minutes. My room was on the fourth floor looking over part of the street, a basketball court and a bit of the ocean. I soaked in the view. The sun setting in the distance had turned the sky an orange hue. The bed looked inviting. Nevertheless, my belly rejected the idea. I wished I could have that lasagna that life offered me today, only it was not edible. I tidied up and went in search of food…


An Adventure with LIAT: My Body Guards, Halcyon Heights, and I

An Adventure with LIAT: My Body Guards, Halcyon Heights, and I


It is amazing how a simple two-day trip can end up packed with so many adventures. So much so, that I can write more than one episodes about my trip. In this episode, I will share with you some of the moments that will forever be a part of my memories.

My flight to St. Thomas was on schedule at every transit. Unlike other people, I have never had much of an issue with LIAT’s flights. Maybe it is because I do not berate them when other people do, or maybe it is just plain good luck on my part. Whatever it is, I am thankful. I love flying with LIAT and always will, because I have had worst done to me by other airlines, without any sort of compensation. My adventure with LIAT is far more pleasing than these by other travelers on other airlines.


After enjoying the beautiful island of St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands, I embarked on my journey home. My intentions were to board LIAT, the Caribbean Airline, at 14:55 pm and travel through the many islands before getting to my destination in St. Vincent. Upon checking in, I received the great news that our flight was not on schedule due to a mechanical problem. But I was not going to complain. After all, it was much safer staying where I was, than back home breathing in molds in my rented apartment.


As we waited for an estimated departure time, I made good use of the delay by making friends with the people around me. Three persons with whom I made acquaintance included two St. Lucians and an Antiguan. I told them about the molds I had waiting back home for me, and we we talked about other topics, which took our interest, from cars, issues with our internet service providers, to wondering where we were going to sleep that night. Though the subjects were not funny, we laughed about it all.


As the time flew by, it became apparent that we were not getting to our final destination that night. At least, neither the St. Lucians nor myself, was getting anywhere far. Mr. Antiguan was certain he was getting home. In order to keep him quiet, I threatened to report this current situation to my Prime Minister, Dr. Gonsalves.


The first great thing to happen was that LIAT’s staff announced that the airline was offering us lunch, in light of the long delay. I was excited about having lunch but was a bit reluctant about going through the security checkpoint twice. Anyway, common sense over laziness, I proceeded to the nearby eatery with my newly found friends. I had not eaten lunch and was beginning to get hungry. No amount of security could have prevented me from getting lunch.  I lost my friends for a while, as I skillfully made my way to the front of the line. Lunch was hot and consisted of baked chicken, fried wings, rice and a kind of beans, along with crispy broccoli and cauliflower. By the time I was finished eating, my friends were just getting to order lunch.


After lunch, we made our way back through security and resumed our friendly chat. The two ladies on duty at the LIAT counter were pleasant. They interacted with us and kept a smile on their faces while trying to keep us updated even when there was nothing to update. The crowd complained, but not in a rowdy way. It was very difficult for anyone to be unpleasant with the two women who were courteous throughout the evening.


At last, just when I was hoping for complimentary dinner, the LIAT agents announced that the flight was on the way, for the second or third time that evening. Finally, the plane arrived and after much ado, we boarded, though not exactly clear as to what was going to happen next. My Lucian friends seemed to be regulars of LIAT Flight delays. They assured me that LIAT would put us up at a luxurious hotel. I tried not to let my imagination run too wild, less I get what I did not want. But then again, I thought about the moldy leaky apartment that was awaiting me back home, and decided that nothing could be worse that that situation. With Joy in my heart, we departed the Cyril E. King Airport.


High in the sky, we passed the beautifully lit islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Quite a few travelers were from St. Kitts and as we flew over the island, I imagined how they must be feeling, being so close to home and yet unable to get there that night. The traveler, sitting beside me, sucked her teeth as the plane flew pass her island. The truth is, I was more concerned for them than myself. I really did not want to go home. After all, who would not be excited to spend an extra night away from the conditions I was currently living in?


Shortly afterwards, we landed at the beautiful Vere Bird International Airport in Antigua! It had been years since I touched down at this airport, so I was pleasantly surprised at how new and beautiful it looked!  As we proceeded through customs, a young man led us and showed us where we needed to stand. After getting through immigration and custom’s area, we exited and found ourselves in a large open space where doors led outside. I stood within the open area along with those who were already there awaiting word of what LIAT planned to do with us that night.


Finally, the agent told us the bus would take us to Halcyon Heights Condominium where we will spend the night and return to the airport at 4 o’clock the next morning. By now, it was after eleven pm and any place to sleep sounded fine, as long as it had a warm bed and was not roach infested. As I sat there waiting for the driver and the men to finish loading the bus, I could not help but overhear a few of my fellow passengers; they were complaining about the place we were to spend the night.


I was a bit curious, wanting to know how they could know the place when all of us were visitors from other islands. It was not long before I learned that my frequent flyer friends had been on similar escapades with LIAT, which had ended with them sleeping at the same hotel.  I started to pray that what they were saying was not true. I imagined myself given a room in one of the corners of this sprawling building, with no one to come to my rescue if a wandering roach attacked me. I shuddered at the thought of roaches, as I recalled my last encounter with an American roach. The one that my daughter took for a bird and my sister had to kill!


As we traveled, on the roughly 25 minute’s journey, the moon followed us. I thought to myself, what a fitting night for a nightmare. Then all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys’ books came back to me. I also reflected on the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn! I zapped back to earth from those wild fantasies. I began joining in the laughter from my fellow travelers, and teased them about their previous stays.


We arrived at Halcyon Heights Condominium within 25 minutes. I must say that the appearance of the place took me by surprise. I had imagined the worse, only to see something far more pleasing to the eye. It was night though, so I could not see all the back rooms that my newly found friends lamented about on our journey. I made sure that when it came my turn to collect a room key, I asked for a room nearby. I told the receptionist that I was afraid of sleeping far away and that the two Lucians were my bodyguards and needed to have rooms next to mine, just in case.


With smiles on our faces and a healthy snack of sandwich and apples, we went up a short flight of stairs. I can sense the relief in the voices of my two friends. They had started to argue with the receptionist about the unfairness of having to sleep in the back rooms, just because they were men: hence, the reason for the bodyguard story!


After inspecting each other’s rooms, I said good night, or rather, good morning to my friends. My room was spacious with nicely crafted furnishings. There were clean towels and toiletries. The air-conditioning was working fine and the bed looked inviting. I checked the closet, not a single roach was in sight.


Finally, I lay down for the night. I tried setting my phone’s alarm, but the old thing was not being agreeable and I was too tired to fight with it. It seemed like just 30 minutes had passed before I heard the loud ringing of the telephone! At first, I thought it was a dream, but then my foggy brain began to function. Omg! I looked at the time and it was three thirty! The bus was supposed to be here at four!


I opened the door and dashed across the hall, knocking on my friends’ doors, then frantically ran into the bathroom. I took a record shower of maybe two minutes, maybe three…four the most!

Everything I needed to use was on the table, as I had anticipated I would need to make a mad rush to get ready. Dressing was no hard task. I must have made another record, as I managed to get ready with five minutes to spare. I locked the door and went to the reception area.


One of my friends was already at the beautiful waiting area, but the other was still missing in action. I wondered if he had slept through my knock on his door. I smiled to myself as I wondered whether it was such a great idea to help him get a room near the entrance. I was certain that he would have been up if he was placed in the far away backrooms, which he had complained about last night. Finally, he appeared, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I was just about to head back upstairs to call him. He had overslept!


The bus was late, but we did not worry too much. We said goodbye to our friends from St. Kitts and Nevis. They were up and talking among themselves, making sure that they were not travelling out with us. I left Halcyon Heights with a mixture of sadness and joy. One part of me wanted to stay and sleep a little longer. However, another part of me knew that once my newly self-appointed bodyguards were gone that I would hightail it out of there!

The weather was beautiful this time of morning. A few stars were still twinkling and the well-lighted Christmas decorations created a pleasant atmosphere. We arrived at the airport shortly afterwards and proceeded to check-in; everything went smoothly as LIAT had already rescheduled our departures.

Reality was slowly setting in, and I was unwilling to face my day ahead. LIAT had unknowingly added to the excitement of my journey. I would much rather be on a delayed flight, than back in the moldy apartment, which my Landlord and Landlady refused to address. I know this may sound strange to you, but the only thing I regret is not having the opportunity to stay at Halcyon Heights a little longer. Once again, thank you for saving me LIAT and for your hospitality.






How to Have an Awesome Trip After You’ve Been Sidelined


A beautiful sunny day in Cleveland Ohio
Launging on a beautiful sunny day despite being sidelined on this trip

How to Have an Awesome Trip After You’ve Been Sidelined

Dumped, neglected, or sidelined while on a trip? Don’t worry! You can still have an enjoyable trip, just keep reading…

Well, this is my story, but I am going to tell it as if it is yours. Ha! I definitely do not plan to have this adventure alone. Welcome to my trip to Ohio!


Imagine Yourself in on This Trip

So you are invited on a trip with the man you love. You get all excited, and envision yourself having something of a honeymoon, even though you two are not married. You think of all the fun things you two would do. Everything is perfect! What could possibly go wrong? Firstly, if you did not discuss your expectations for each other prior the trip, you can find yourself very disappointed. Secondly, be aware that if it is a club or group outing and your partner is head of the team, things can go sour.

Well, perhaps, your situation may not be quite like this; nevertheless, the following tips will help those who find themselves in a strange part of the world, far away from home, in a beautiful condo, hotel room, or apartment…all by themselves because your partner finds himself in a dilemma after dilemma with his club…and no time to spend with you.

What’s Going on in That Mind of Yours?

Even as I am writing this blog, I cannot help but smile mischievously as I recall how I turned the tables and ended up having more fun than I ever imagined, while Mr. handsome solved his club issues.


The first two days were great. Almost every day following that I found myself left alone. Well, I guess you may be thinking to yourself, what is wrong with that? You may even be saying, you are not a child. But, before you run ahead of me, just remember I was thousands of miles away from home and did not know anyone.


So, what did I do? I cried my eyes out, called one of my sisters back home and lamented bitterly. Then, after crying I decided I might as well make the most of my two weeks. Armed with determination, a debit card with good a supply of cash, and a beautiful head of curls, my vacation officially began.


Without much ado and to relieve you of your suspense, here are five things you can do to enjoy yourself when you are left all alone, thousands of miles away, while your significant other was busy with other issues. These suggestions can also help those who have the misfortune of breaking up with their partner while on a trip outside of your country.


Find a Way to Relieve the Stress You Are Feeling

Take some time alone to cry, rant and rave about how disappointed you are feeling, if you want to. Call someone back home and inform them of your situation and to get some support. If you have never experienced a situation like this before, I am telling you it can be very daunting by yourself in a faraway place.

After you have cried yourself dry. Strengthen your resolve, smile sweetly then make a plan. You know how women get when they feel mistreated. We love sweet revenge. Oh sweet revenge. We get so pumped up that we’ll do everything in our power to prove that we will do whatever we set out to do, even if it killed us.


Make Friends With Others, If Possible

Try your best to make friends. Trust your instincts. If you are in a hotel, condo or inn, there will be lots of people around. The place where I stayed had a pool, so it was easy to meet people and make friends. It so happened that I befriended an elderly couple. The lady, an energetic woman around 80 years old, but looked like she was in her 60s, took me in like her daughter. She worked at a local charity organization. Every other day, she took me with her and I made more friends with some of the ladies who worked at the Charity. By now my mischievous smile had turned in to a grin.

There is nothing like some good old peek-a-boo while on a trip to the gardens

Explore Your Surroundings

For goodness sake, lighten up, sister! You are on trip and do not forget that for one moment! Go ahead and have a little adventure! Explore the surroundings; the place where I stayed was surrounded by a lake with a beautiful view.

There were also shops, restaurants, and an ATM in walking distance. So, I took the time to walk around the town. If you’ve got a pool and the weather is great, take a swim then recline on one of those lovely pool chairs!

Go on a Shopping Spree!

you say shopping, I say where! Oh how I love shopping when I have money. Yet another reason for having an emergency fund. I know some financial planners will argue that an emergency fund is not for shopping. And, rightly so. But, try telling me that under these grave circumstances…just going to fall on deft ears.

I made friends with one of the local taxi drivers, who took me to a huge shopping mall with the promise to come back for me when I was ready. I made sure I had money on my phone, some raw cash in my pocket and my debit card. I shopped from mid-morning until late evening. I even purchased a suit case for all the stuff I bought; gifts for my children and a few friends along with some personal items.


Cook Your Own Meal

I know what some of you may be thinking as you are reading this, but as boring as this might sound, cooking your own meals while on vacation can be fun.  Cooking while on vacation takes time and helps take your mind off things. This is even more exciting when you have a great kitchen and a great view while doing the task. You get to choose what you eat and you even get to prepare it! If you are a freak for healthy eating like me, cooking at home will keep you stress-free…You never have to worry about what kind of oil they used to fry the chicken or what kind of meat you are eating! Besides, after spending money on shopping, you might want to cut back on eating out.


Watch Your Favorite Television Series

Yeah, I know, watching TV while on vacation can be boring. But, if you get tired of shopping and exploring you will need to unwind with a good old movie. Preferably crime. Although I love law and order, I found criminal minds more intriguing. So, on the days when they showed criminal minds, I armed myself with enough food and curled up in bed and watched Shemar Moore and his colleagues do their thing. By the end of my two weeks I had fallen in love with Shemar and out of love with Mr. handsome.

At the end of the trip, despite all the drama; we really had a great time traveling back home. All the misery was forgotten and we had out laughs about it all. The only sad things were leaving my new friends and Shemar behind.

The lesson I wish to get from this is that no matter how things started out, there is always the chance that you can end up in a situation like this. Remember to always stay positive and act responsibly. Even though someone let you down, it does not mean that you have to let down yourself. Look at the positive side of things and always have a backup plan just in case. For more stories on what can possibly go wrong on a vacation visit this link.

Have you ever encountered a situation like this before? If so, I’ll definitely love to hear about it. Please take the time to comment below.