when all around you there is just boredom and the feeling of being bored

Three Ways to Overcome Boredom or Feeling Bored

Three Ways to Overcome Boredom or Feeling Bored

Boredom is a very popular feeling; it dates back centuries. Some studies claim that boredom results from a lack of interest in the things around us. Every day, people complain of feeling bored. Even people in in high paying jobs, and have all the material things they could ever want, complain of feeling bored. This lead me to ask the question, why do some people feel bored while others do not?

As for me, I am never bored. However, this was not always so. There was a time in my life when I felt I could die from boredom. There were days when I just did not know what to do. As I reflected on what really changed and why I am never bored I realized that there were things I started doing that cured boredom for me. I share these things in the following;

 Arise Each Day with A Purpose

Nothing feeds boredom like aimlessness. When you live your life without intent, you will always spend your time trying to find something to occupy your time.  You awake each day and instead of knowing what your day will be like, you wander around aimlessly.

Change this behavior around by finding your purpose. When you discover what your life’s purpose is, you will have something meaningful to occupy your mind each day. Instead of aimlessness, you will have plans and goals all written out that you want to achieve on a daily basis. In addition, if you decide not to do anything on a specific day it would be because you are taking a break from your hectic schedule and not because you feel bored.

Each day, I wake up with a purpose. On a sheet of paper, I jot down the things I want to achieve that day. This provides a focus and keeps my mind busy.

Do Something New Each Day

There is no greater recipe for boredom like doing the same thing every day. Whether it is at work or at home, being repetitious leads to boredom. Imagine yourself on the job each day sitting behind a desk doing the same thing for years. People may experience boredom because there is no variety, no challenge, and no room for improvement in some jobs.

Imagine leaving the job and when you get home, you are too tired to do anything. Instead of doing something you love, you go sit in front of the television then fall asleep and wake up the next day to repeat the same routine. Follow this link to read some interesting scientific findings about the possible causes of boredom.

If you have a job that you find boring, you should consider a change of career. Chances are the work you do is not what you really want to do. Plan your hours outside of work so that you find time to do something that you enjoy doing. For example, there are people who leave their work to get involved in sports, community groups, or build their own private enterprise. This provides a sense of purpose and keeps your passion burning outside of your boring job.

Strive to Always Be Curious

There is a reason why I left curiosity for last. Yesterday I was thinking about my life and why I am never bored. It has been years since I have experienced boredom. I can be at home seven days a week for years and never get bored. Why is it that I never feel bored?  It is because I am curious. I cannot stay still for any long period without finding something to do. There are so many things I enjoy doing. When I am not reading, I am writing, cooking, listening to music or some motivational speech, or networking. Once daily, I take a little walk. At least one day a week, I go out to interact with people, not because I am bored, but because I enjoy meeting people.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity”~Dorothy Parker

If you are suffering from a severe case of boredom, I urge you to ask yourself, what is it that I enjoy doing? When you find the answer, find a way to include more of what you love to do in your life. There is so much life around us, Be curious about everything. You do not need to have money to get rid of boredom; take time to appreciate the little things such as the tweeting of a bird, the sound of the ocean, the rising of the sun and all that life has to offer.

In the end it all boils down to what we tell ourselves. Our minds will believe any thing we tell it. If it constantly hears I am bored, that is how you will feel. Have a change of thought and tell yourself that you are not bored and do this regularly. See what happens.

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