Why Do We Blame Facebook ?

Facebook does not discriminate, but we can
Facebook says, “Good morning Tai” What’s on your mind?”

Why do we blame Facebook?

Am I the only one Who finds it ridiculous and sometimes laughable to hear people say that Facebook did this and Facebook did that?

Today I am here to write a little of what I think when I read or hear someone blaming Facebook or any social media website for any of the things which happen.  As far as I know, Facebook is not a person. Only what someone puts on Facebook will be on there.  And, when information about someone gets out on Facebook, why do we attribute the blame to Facebook? Why not lay the blame squarely at the culprit’s feet? Even if there are technical difficulties with the service and something gets posted, it would be the web service provider’s or the Facebook manager’s fault.


Who is Responsible?

As humans we make mistakes; we do and say things which can get us into trouble. Most Facebook users are aware that people lose their jobs, their relationships, parents, lives, birthright, name, identity, money, car, and anything that is possible to lose if we or someone else fail to act responsibly. But, when it happens as a result of something posted on Facebook, why blame Facebook?

The last time I checked, Facebook is an online social networking service. Not a person. Hence blaming Facebook when we or someone else does something is taking it a bit too far. When we decide to post something, Facebook allows us to do so because of the way it is set up. As long as we enable certain features, it will do whatever we want it to do, once it is within its capability.


Only We Can Decide What to Post on Facebook

Also, from all the things I have seen posted on Facebook, it does not discriminate either. Discrimination and free-will are human abilities: it, therefore, behoves us to think wisely before we use these enticing means of expressing ourselves. So that when we log in and we are greeted with “what’s on your mind” we are not tempted to say exactly what is on our mind without taking responsibility for the after blow.  If there are people in our circle who are causing us distress or offending us, let us deal with the issue from a human perspective. At the end of the day, it all boils down to respect, responsibility, discrimination, and personal usefulness.


What is Your Purpose on Facebook?

Facebook was created for many things; it is up to us to make our experiences positive. Personally, I enjoy reading funny or positive posts, watching videos, getting current news, staying in touch with other people, posting my own thoughts and work, and advertising for my websites. Despite the negative things I read on my wall at times, my experiences on Facebook have been mostly positive. Like others, I choose to read and entertain what I want and the rest I ignore. Always remember that we have the power to do or not to do. How we react to any given situation will decide how much it affects us.

What are the things you enjoy doing on Facebook? Please share in the comments section below.



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