When sudden change occurs it can be challenging to adapt

3 Tips to Help You Adapt to Sudden Change

3 Tips to Help You Adapt to Sudden Change

As humans, we have the ability to adapt to our environment. However, there are times when we find adaptation a very challenging thing to do. As we read this blog today, I want you to ask yourself the question, How prepared am I for any sudden change that may occur in my life?

Change, is the only thing that is constant. Sometimes change happens around us and we do not notice because it is subtle or very minute. Other times, change occurs suddenly and with such force, that it disrupts our normal pattern. This latter change often requires that we adapt in order to not only survive, but also come out of the experience stronger.

Whatever situation we experience (loss of material possessions, our job, relationship/marriage, or death of a loved one) we will need to find a way to adapt to our situation and to do so as quickly as possible. The following three tips can assist the reader to adapt to the change as easy as possible.


Reflect on Your Situation and Make it as Simple as Possible

When sudden change occurs in our lives, it forces us out of our comfort zone. Before the change occurs, we were accustomed to one thing, but after it happens, we realize the fact that nothing will ever be the same again.

I recall when an elderly friend of mine passed away. I took a liking to her because she reminded me so much of my late great-grandmother. I was so used to sitting with her for hours talking. I could not pass her gate without stopping by to say hello and to ask how she was doing. I had gotten so used to this routine that it became a part of my life. Until one day, I passed her in a hurry with only a good morning and a promise to see her that evening. However, things were not the same when I returned, because she had passed away.

I recall how numb I felt. Initially, there were no tears. In addition, after a few days, the numbness passed and it really sank in that she was no longer with us. As I passed her gate, I looked in expectantly, but she was not there.

Now, I could have gone on not accepting her death for weeks. However, to adapt to the situation I accepted the fact that she was no longer with us. I thought about our conversations and the time we spent together. I told myself that even though I was sad that she was gone, I had her memories to carry with me. I chose to accept the situation as it was instead of thinking about what could have been if she were alive. This made it easier for me to cope. Follow this link to read another perspective on change and how we can adapt.


Adjust Your Life/ Life Style to Suit Your Situation

Sudden change forces us to change the way we live, in the video above, I discuss some of the things we may need to consider when adjusting our life styles to suit our current situation. Some of the suggestions were what I used when I returned to my homeland and could not find work.

In the case of a death or a failed relationship/marriage, it may take a different approach depending on the role the person played in your life: for, example, if the person was the breadwinner, it might require similar life style adjustments as someone who has lost a job.

In my case, this woman was my daily companion, so now, instead of sitting and having conversations with her, I had to find something else to occupy that period of time I reserved for her.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, know that the sooner you adjust is the better for you. Not only will making early adjustments decrease your stress levels, but it will also help you to adapt to your current situation more easily.


Make a Plan of Action

When sudden change occurs, it often leaves some of us unprepared. In the case of death of a loved one, we may or may not be prepared based on whether the person was ill and the duration of illness. Nevertheless, change is difficult and in order to go through the process we must make a plan.

In the video above, I discussed the possibility of looking for a job if you lost your job. I also discuss the possibility of creating your own means of income by searching for your talent and seeing how it could be of value to others so that they will want to pay you for your service or product.

Now, this latter possibility so resonates with me. I recall having returned home and being unable to get a job. Rather than sit and wait, I decided I was going to create my own circumstances. At first, I explored various possibilities, until I found the one, which is working for me. This is the reason why I am able to write this blog today to share with you.

This process has not been easy, but it has definitely helped me to grow: this is why I say to anyone affected by sudden change to not resist, but move forward and adjust. Instead of constantly complaining, vent, get it over with, and move on.


Final Word:

While I realize that no one is ever 100% prepared for any major change, I believe that if we live our lives with some foresight we can limit the extent to which major change affects us. When things are going well for us, we often forget to make the necessary arrangements like sorting out our finances, emergency fund, retirement, and life insurance. Although some people claim they are enjoying their money while they are alive, I believe that a person should always prepare for unexpected happenings before they happen. In doing so, it lessens the brunt of the change when it occurs suddenly.

Thanks for reading, please share to inspire someone who is going through a major change in their life and need some help in putting things in to perspective.

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