the key to unlocking abundance

How To Unlock Abundance In Your Life

How  To Unlock Abundance In Your Life


I do not know how to preach. I may not even know how to articulate the word of God properly, but I know one thing, when we resist the spirit and what it is telling us to do, we block the good things that God intends us to have in our lives. I am not just talking about material things: I am talking about peace, love, joy, happiness, and the chance to bless others along our life’s journey.


Obedience to God

Instead of chasing things, have you ever considered doing the things God wants you to do so you can experience peace in your life? Often times, we waste valuable time chasing material things and even people and in the end we lose it all.

If you are complaining that God is not blessing you, let me ask you, “Have you been blessing anyone?”

“What have you been doing with your time on earth?”

“Are you willing to be inconvenienced for anyone?”

“Are you giving of your time, money, or emotional/physical support to anyone? “

“What has God placed in your spirit to do?”

“Have you been obedient to Him?”

Obeying God’s word is the key to unlocking abundance in your life. The abundance that surpasses any feeling that material things and can offer.

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Sowing Seeds

According to Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

I truly believe that abundance in your life is in direct proportions to the seeds you sow. What seeds have you been sowing? Have you been sowing good seeds or bad seeds? I see the seeds I sow return to me in times when I am going through difficulty. I am always testifying how easily I could have lived on the streets during the three years I was unemployed had it not been for others helping me without me even asking them. My well has never ran dry; there is abundance in my life in all aspects. Even though I do not have much financially, I have sufficient to not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or where I am going to live tonight.

In moments when I needed an intervention something great always popped up. I do not believe in coincidences, every seed that I have sown has helped me reaped the benefits in times of need.

I know, sometimes it may feel as if you are generous to the point of over doing things. Nevertheless, you should consider ways in which you can be a blessing to others in their time of need.

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How can you sow seeds? There are endless ways to do so; From standing up for the rights of those who are less fortunate, helping to carry a grocery bag for a random stranger, helping an elderly person cross the street, giving the homeless or broken money, to uplifting people when they feel hopeless. There is no excuse why you should not to sow good seeds, you only need to take a moment to consider someone else than ourselves.

…the things you do to lift up someone along the way will ultimately cause abundance to flow into your life.

Pure Intentions

In your quest to be a blessing to others you should reflect on your reasons for doing so. Are you hoping to get something in return for what you have done? Are you seeking attention or fame? Alternatively, are you simply being a blessing from the goodness of your heart?

I honestly believe that we only have abundance in our lives when our intentions are pure and free from any sort of manipulation or expected returns. When your intentions are pure you get a sense of fulfillment from simply making someone else’s life better.


There is nothing worse than having an ungrateful spirit. Instead of complaining each day, wake up with some praise on your lips. Instead of complaining, have you thought about what it would feel like if you could just be thankful for the things you have in your life?

Gratitude is the key to feeling happy and experiencing abundance in your life. It does not mean that you have everything. Instead, gratitude says that you are thankful for whatever you have. When you operate with a spirit of gratitude it puts you in a frame of mind that you have everything that you need, as a result you do not feel a desperate for anything.

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