Reflection: Be Unstoppable in 2018 & Beyond: Part One

Reflection: Be Unstoppable in 2018 & Beyond: Part One

As 2017 ends and 2018 gets closer, I just want you to reflect on what your life has been like in the past year. Although I am not one for making new year resolutions, I sure do believe that evaluation of your life is very important to your future. What better time to conduct an evaluation than at the end of the year?

AS 2018 approaches, I remember when I sat down to write my final blog of reflection in 2016 how unsure I felt going into 2017. After just over two years of struggling to find a job and fighting with my website, it was hard not to feel discouraged. Nevertheless, I still kept the faith, because in so many instances in my past, things have always turned around for the better.

Indeed, 2016 was a challenging year for me and so was 2015. However, despite my tough years, I was determined to change something in 2017. Now, as I look back on this year, 2017, I must say that all the glory goes to God; 2017 has been one of my most productive years.

Two of my posts for end of 2016 included “Reality Soon Sets In…2017” & “Positive Energy Stepping In to 2017” When I wrote these posts, I invited you my readers to step into 2017 with me. I trust that those who have followed suit have seen some benefits of stepping bravely and with a measure faith (even when things appeared impossible) into 2017: because now, I am going to challenge you once more to “Be Unstoppable in 2018 & Beyond!”

I invite you to reflect on the questions I ask myself below and see how you can turn things around or improve where and if necessary…

Reflection Questions include:

  1. What Changed For Me in 2017?

The one thing that changed for me in 2017 is my perspective on how I view life in general and success. Life, though tough at times, is beautiful. In the bad times, it is always good to slow down, breathe, and realize that life is better when we live from moment to moment. Sometimes, we have a tendency to want to control the outcomes and our environment, but then I realized that the only control we really have is in how we react to what happens to us.

To prevent the overwhelming feeling of desperation that so often result from challenges, we should avoid overthinking, looking too far ahead, and negativity (in thinking and people). Whenever you feel overwhelmed, slow down and remember that things will not remain the same. So, if it is raining in your life today, it does not mean it will rain forever. Be grateful, embrace the people who care about you and lend a hand to those in need, where possible.

I also have developed another perspective on success. I may not have gotten much by way of an income but I have learned that success is not always tangible. Sometimes, success means growing as a person. In this regard, I have grown and though I know I have a long way to go, I feel blessed to have come this far and is planning to be unstoppable in 2018 God’s will.


  1. What Did I Learn to Do Differently Going Into 2018?

It would take more than one article to write the things I did differently. For this article, I would just mention some of the key things I did that helped me stick it out even when I everything inside of me was screaming to give up.

  • I learned that it is often necessary to change the way you do things and think as you go along. One of the things I soon realized, after two years, is that sometimes we need to do things differently if what we were doing for a long while has not worked for us. Doing things differently does not mean that you should change your vision or general idea, but rather, be flexible in the steps you take to get things done.


  • I learned patience: to be patient when things are not happening as fast as I would like or even happening at all. I recall arguing with God in the early part of the year. I asked Him why me? I told Him that what I have done over the years could not be in vain. I asked Him how much longer was I supposed to wait to get my breakthrough. Bishop Noel Jones reminded me in one of his sermons that God’s timing is not as man’s timing. He also did a sermon promising those who are in despair that “God’s gonna make you laugh.” I think God must have been smiling at my confusion.


  • I also learned to accept rejection. So many times, I applied for jobs and of all the applications I sent, I hardly got an acknowledgement or even an interview. I learned not to let my disappointments discourage me, but to keep going forward even when there seems to be no hope.


  • I learned to turn to God and His word for comfort in the times when I felt overwhelmed. I changed the things I listened to; whatever I put in had to be positive. I told myself that if I could not change my physical environment then I can certainly change my internal by listening only to what motivates and edifies my soul and give me new hope that things will not always be the same…that someday something will have to give.


  • I learned to be brave despite my fears. Even though I felt unsupported at times, I kept moving forward; gratefully accepting the words of encouragement I received along the way and rejecting the discouraging words and criticism I received. If anything, the critics served as fuel to push me on.


  • I learned to ask for help/support from a few well-meaning people. And, I learned to accept help when it was offered to me.


  • I learned that success was not always in the form of money or other things one can hold, but can also be personal growth.


  • I learned that as long as you never quit things eventually work out for you in ways that you could never have imagined.

When you have finished reflecting on the past year, challenge yourself to take it one step further in the upcoming year. Even if it means slow and painful progress you will not give up, but become unstoppable in the quest to immprove your life and the life of others.

Becoming unstoppable does not mean that you will not face challenges, but rather that regardless to what comes your way you will put your all into it and not simply run away.  Becoming unstoppable, means you will look for a way even when the evidence says there is no way out.

Becoming unstoppable means that you will rest to regain energy but you will not give up. becoming unstoppable means that despite your fears you will step out consistently out of your comfort zone to acheive your hearts desire. Becoiming unstoppable means that you will not let the fear of what people think or say prevent you from living your truth…

For part two of this article please click this link Be Unstoppable in 2018 & Beyond: Part Two ( coming soon) where I share the things I accomplished in 2017.


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